Managing High Performing Sales Teams

2022 10 November
12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern

Managing High Performing Sales Teams

To be successful, a sales manager needs to have a clear understanding of the four basic elements of sales management: planning, coordination, controlling, and motivation.

Our webinar panelists will detail these elements and explore the overall role of a sales manager and what it takes to plan the appropriate goals, develop processes for the right outcomes, hold your sales team accountable, and motivate and coach in this competitive industry.

You’ll walk away with best practices to effectively manage sales associates and put your team on the path to success.



  • The loss of salespeople with product knowledge due to the great resignation, COVID, and reps not doing as much in-store training has made training all the more critical with so many new sales associates in the store.
  • Anyone you bring onto the team has to be a good fit, so look at long versus short term.
  • Daily communication has to be constant, clear, and concise with goals, mission, and expectations.
  • Management teams should be walking the floor constantly to watch and determine future talent for growth.
  • Train your salesperson to be in a customer’s mindset by doing role-playing scenarios outside the industry.
  • Make sure you have a sales process in place, so you can manage to it and know what skills need to be developed or where your team is failing.
  • Have your seasoned veteran salespeople write the sales process. It positions them as mentors and shows their value to your company.



Miguel Valle Senior General Sales Leader, El Dorado Furniture

Miguel Valle has been in the sales department with El Dorado Furniture for over 17 years. He started as a retail sales associate and moved up through the ranks to his current position as a senior general sales leader. El Dorado Furniture is a family chain of furniture stores based in South Florida.


Rob Ball Sales Trainer, HFA Sales Academy

The day Rob turned 18, he began his career in furniture sales, taking his cue from his mother, who worked in the industry. He became a showroom manager just one year later for highly-respected Raymour and Flanagan. This hard work and opportunity lit a fire underneath Rob that lasts to this day, starting a passion in him to transform the lives of others. He has since held multiple roles for Ashley and Badcock in sales, collections, management, and business development.

Rob currently owns over a dozen retail stores and belongs to a group owning 27 locations that gross over $50 million annually. The stores can be found in large cities like Tampa and even small towns like Walterboro, South Carolina.


Matt Pridemore Sales Trainer, HFA Sales Academy

Matt has known the furniture industry his entire life. He practically grew up in the warehouse of the store his parents owned for decades. He began his career young and has never looked back, working his way from sales associate to regional manager to franchise owner and everything in between. He owns and operates 16 top-producing stores in the Southeast. Matt’s franchising became so successful that he began hosting “The Franchise Builder Podcast” to inspire and teach others, regardless of their current position in the industry. He was a featured speaker at the Facebook Small Business Summit and was recently named a “Top 40 Under 40” furniture executive by Home Furnishings Business magazine.