Webinars are powerful. They speak to the heart of our fast-paced and steadily increasing business world’s main need: “get it done now and move on to the next task.” The HFA provides a library of webinars to help you and your employees become better retailers.
  • Changes in Transportation/Logistics and How it Impacts Retailers.

    Topic: Transportation & Logistics
  • Does Your Store Have Curb Appeal to Attract The Right Customers?

    Topic: Advertising & Marketing
  • Minimize Overhead Costs and Negotiate Service Contracts Like a Pro

    Topic: Operations & Warehousing
  • Why Your Store Should Be Texting Customers in 2018

    Topic: Advertising & Marketing
  • Synchrony HOME Network

    Topic: Business Financials
  • Training Quality Salespeople

    Topic: Sales
  • How to Effectively Use Tablets on Your Salesfloor

    Topic: Sales
  • The Power of SIMPLICITY: Getting Customers to Visit & Buy

    Topic: Sales
  • SBA Loans Explained- A 101 for Small Business Owners

    Topic: Business Financials
  • What’s 2018 Look Like for the Furniture Industry, During Trump’s Second Year

    Topic: Management & Leadership
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