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April 2017

April 12, 2017 – 11 AM -12 PM PDT

How to Acquire & Nurture High-Quality Traffic

As a furniture retailer or retail brand, you might be reluctant to run paid searches for your business because it may seem to competitive, too complicated or even too expensive. But with the proper paid online search strategy in place, you’ll be able to build out your brand against generic online search campaigns, use re-targeting techniques to nurture potential customers and optimize your search campaigns to acquire high-quality traffic. Join CPC Strategy’s Senior Retail Search manager, Lewis Brannon, as he dives into these advanced paid search strategies that will push profitable high-quality traffic to your home furnishings business.


Lewis Brannon, Senior Retail Search Manager, CPC Strategy

Lewis brings over 7 years of e-commerce marketing experience, working closely with well-known brands. His passion for connecting people with what they want while helping businesses succeed is what drives his professional ethos.

Roman Fitch, Lead Retail Search Manager, CPC Strategy

Roman brings over 5 years of e-commerce PPC management, where he’s worked closely with some of the top retailers in the country, as well as managing the Top 100 Retailer, Jerome’s. Roman strives to help clients a CPC Strategy meet and exceed their business objectives.

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May 2017

May 10, 2017 – 11 AM -12 PM PDT

5 tips to Increase Trust with Online Searchers

The ways which consumers research and find your business have changed significantly in recent years. Instead of turning to family and friends for recommendations, they are now turning to online reviews. Businesses that aren’t focused on building a strong online reputation will lose customers to those who have. This is because most consumers place a lot of trust in online reviews and use them to influence purchase decisions. Because of this, businesses should proactively seek feedback from customers in the form of online reviews and develop an online presence that builds trust with consumers. In this webinar, we will provide you with tips to do just that. Experts from Podium will walk you through five proven tips from our customers that will help you become the most trusted business in your area. Key takeaways include:

• Why online reviews are important

• Which online review sites deliver the most value

• How to build an online review presence on the sites that matter most


Nick Miller, Podium

Nick Miller leads the retail division at Podium, an online review management platform that allows businesses to generate and maintain online reviews on Google, Facebook, and many more. Nick received his BS in Business Marketing from Weber State University, and he has more than six-year experience helping both small businesses and large enterprises set up customer experience programs.

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