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Retail Moneyball: Sales Strategies for Maximizing Revenue
MOVED: Wednesday, February 1, 2017
11am-12pm PST


This Retail Moneyball session is about finding a balance between your existing sales opportunities and those opportunities that could be measured by metrics. And because numbers tell a store, it’s about taking a realistic look at analytics, so your decisions are based on data and not just your gut feeling or conventional wisdom. Yes, there are situations when your greatest opportunities will line up with your lowest performers. But, more often, those larger opportunities exist at the top of the middle of the organization where often resources are not allotted. Once you’ve come to terms with this fact that your best changes are with your top performers, you are ready to win big.


PRESENTER: Kevin Cundiff, Fortegra


Kevin is the Vice President of Retail for Fortegra – a single source insurance company that, through a network of preferred partners, offers a range of warranty solutions, specialty program underwriting, and credit protection products. He is responsible for leading customer experience and partner relationships in Fortegra’s Warranty Retail division (wireless, furniture, appliance, automotive and jewelry). Utilizing his more than 17 years of experience working with both carriers and dealers in the wireless industry, Kevin focuses on data-driven analysis, team member growth, and the overall development of the Fortegra organization. Kevin previously served as National Sales Director of Fortegra subsidiary ProtectCELL for three years prior to the companies’ merger. At ProtectCELL, Kevin helped retailers better align resources to maximize total wireless sales through adoption of retail concept ‘Moneyball’. Before joining ProtectCELL, Kevin worked for T-Mobile and helped build multiple wireless dealers into national brands. He also spent time working as a secondary social sciences teacher.


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Still to Come

February 8- Times Have Changed! Has Your Website Kept Pace?

Internet technology expert Ron Gordon will help you evaluate your website’s health.  Ron will show you several valuable tools and key tests that you can use to get it performing at its peak. With the majority of consumers starting the shopping process online, having a website that is up-to-date with regard to the latest search engine changes is now more important than ever. Together, we’ll examine how consumers are shopping online, understand the latest trends, and assess your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We’ll also look ahead at two additional changes that will be made by Google in January.  Come prepared to critically evaluate your current website and learn the appropriate changes that you should make.

February 15- Succession Planning for the Independent Retailer – Maximizing the Value of Your Business

Whether you are going to sell your business outright or pass the business on to the next generation, it is critical that you maximize the value of your business. If you choose to pass the business on to a family member understand that less than one-third of all family businesses survive transitioning to the second generation and only one half survives the transition from the second to third generation. If you decide that selling your business outright is your best option, then how do you increase the likelihood of a sale and ensure that you get top dollar for your business? In either case the things you do to structure your business now will directly determine your success.
(Succession Planning)

February 22- Successful Email Marketing for Furniture Retailers

Hear first hand how email marketing can drive sales for retailers big and small. This webinar will discuss the fundamentals and advanced tactics of running an email campaign. You’ll find out if you’re on the right track, or missing important steps, and how to know when to get professional help. Utilize email marketing BEYOND the newsletter and announcing the next sale.

March 8- Integrate Your In-Store Experience with your Website to Benefit your Business

Today’s consumers are tech-savvy. In fact, 80% of the US population has made an online purchase. eCommerce is a large player in current retail sales and it is important for your business to stay relevant to consumers with your online presence. Your website is the virtual door front to your retail store and is often the first step of the customer shopping journey. How are you connecting your brick and mortar operations to your online presence? Learn why integrating your in-store experience with your website can benefit your business.

March 15- Vendor Chargebacks- Getting the Reimbursement Your Deserve

Most Furniture Retailers forfeit thousands of profit dollars each year by no getting reimbursed for repairing defective furniture. This webinar will provide you with systems, procedures and software that will show you how to get maximum dollars in a fair and honest method.

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