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March 6, 2019 11 AM PST

Use A.I. to Generate Greater e-Commerce and In-Store Sales

Online shopping tools can help your retail furniture business, but there’s a more effective way to engage shoppers. Learn how your peers implement marketing cloud solutions — powered by artificial intelligence — to increase e-commerce and in-store sales. With personalized and automated multi-channel marketing strategies, these furniture retailers boost website conversion, manage and nurture leads better, grow traffic and gather intelligent analytics and consumer insights.

March 20, 2019 11 AM PST

5 Keys to Turning Website Traffic into Customers

You’ve created your website and invested in marketing it. But once you’re gotten visitors there, are you turning them into conversions and leads? In this seminar¬, we’ll cover the step you need to take to answer that question affirmatively. When we’re done, you’ll understand the best practices for your website related to Creating buyer personas, Defining your valuable conversions, Designing elements that maximize your conversions, and more!