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AFF innovates ways for people to move forward in life with easier access to what they need – exactly where, how, and when they need it.

Using his deep knowledge of consumer lending and success growing CURO Financial Technologies Corp. (NYSE: CURO), Doug Rippel (AFF CEO) founded AFF in 2013 after seeing a retail consumer finance landscape that was:

  1. Fragmented with solutions,
  2. Saturated with “no credit needed” LTO look-alikes, and
  3. Ripe with opportunities to innovate and reduce friction.

Doug launched AFF with a Retail Installment Sales Agreement (“RISA”) as the company’s first product.  Today, the AFF product set consists of five different products with one additional product on the way in 2020.

Our products, launched in order listed, include:

  1. RISA (closed-end, interest-bearing)
  2. Lease-to-own (“LTO”) (uses a “turn” or multiple)
  3. Bank Installment Loan – Merchant Funded (closed-end, interest-bearing)
  4. Bank Installment Loan – Consumer Funded (closed-end, interest-bearing)
  5. Bank 2-Tier “true-secondary” point-of-sale (“POS”) Installment Loan (closed-end, interest-bearing)
  6. Bank Line of Credit (open-end, fee-based) – launching 2020!

AFF has transacted with well over 1 million consumers.

Today, our company is represented by 400+ associates located in Wichita, Kansas (10); Dallas, Texas (289); Baja, Mexico (140); and Hyderabad, India (30).  The core values we set forth on day-one continue to guide our behaviors today, one interaction at a time.  We strongly believe our values determine the experiences and outcomes for all stakeholders, most importantly the customers and partners we work with.

The AFF core values consist of:

  1.  Servant hearts – customers and colleagues first
  2.  Embrace change – change is core to survival
  3.  Get stuff done – whatever it takes to do it right
  4.  Dare to be different – be adaptable, creative, and courageous
  5.  Walk the talk – do what we say
  6.  No drama – focus on solutions, not complaints

These core values are not just catch phrases here at AFF.  Instead, we aim to integrate these core values into our behaviors so that they come alive in our interactions with others. We believe our merchant partners, if asked to reflect, can testify to having actively experienced these values throughout such relationships.

AFF is not the biggest provider in the market, we are not the oldest player in the space, and by no means are we the smallest, but we firmly believe we are the most nimble, intuitive, and innovative provider in our industry which will serve our partners in better ways for years to come.

American First Finance products and programs give customers more buying power. Our company is unique in that we have developed proprietary technology, bank and capital partnerships, infrastructure, and compliance standards which enable us to provide our partners access to more financial service options giving them versatility should the regulatory headwinds change for any single solution.  Most of the “virtual LTO” providers have been committed to offering one product with the same terms for the past 15 years.

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