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Members can click here for access to Buying Source Program rebates and details. For Bedding Buydown rates click here.

Home Furnishings Association members qualify for our free buying group that offers rebates, discounts off invoice, weekly specials, special pricing and terms, even consumer promotions on mattress purchases to drive traffic to your store! If you’ve thought about a buying group before, here’s your chance. This is a FREE program just for being a HFA member.

Have questions? Check out these FAQ’s:

Q: What is HFA Buying Source? How does it help me?
A: HFA, in cooperation with AVB Inc., has been able to negotiate buying programs with more than 50 suppliers.
These programs include pricing discounts, rebates, and terms concessions. These programs can help you be more profitable and more competitive.

Q: Why is HFA getting in the buying group business?
A: In analyzing the HFA membership, we discovered a large group of members who didn’t belong to a buying group. For the most part these are stores where the annual sales volume wasn’t high enough to warrant the cost of belonging to a buying group. Although many larger volume members will see the advantage of the new HFA program, for the first time in our industry, the buying group advantage will be available to all levels of retailers.

Q: As a member of HFA Buying Source, do I get to keep all of the great business services that HFA offers?
A: Yes! You still get the great financing, credit card processing, HR, advertising, education, etc…

Q: What do I have to do to sign up for HFA Buying Source?
A: You’ll automatically have access to the program as an HFA member. You’ll work with your HFA representative to fill out the necessary forms. HFA will then notify the participating vendors on your behalf to make sure you’re enrolled, but it is always a good idea to notify your local vendor rep too.

Q: Will my HFA dues increase?
A: No. The best part of the HFA Buying Source program is that it is included in your current HFA membership.

Q: Am I automatically set up with all of participating HFA Buying Source vendors?
A: No. The individual manufacturer will determine their distribution in each market and decide who is approved to carry their products. HFA will help facilitate your interest in carrying group lines, but the vendor makes the final decision on distribution.

Q: I currently belong to another buying group. Do I have to terminate with them?
A: No. HFA Buying Source is open to all HFA members, but if you are already in another group and would like to remain with them, you do not have to switch to the HFA Buying Source programs. You should look at all of the costs and weigh the benefits to see which program makes the most sense for your needs.

Q: I am a member of another buying group; will I receive benefits from both programs?
A: No, you will have to determine which group program is right for your business; you cannot “double-dip”.

Q: I am on a “special program” with a supplier that seems to be better than the HFA Buying Source program. Do I have to switch over to the group deal?
A: No, you can analyze your current vendors and use only the parts of the HFA buying group that are to your advantage. You can literally pick and choose which vendors you put on the HFA buying group program. We would suggest analyzing your vendor programs with your local rep and see what makes the most sense for your business.

Q: Who is AVB Inc.? Why are we working with them?
A: AVB Inc. is a buying co-op that has a very similar culture and structure to HFA. They have been helping their members to be more profitable for more than 40 years. By partnering with them, we maintain our association and all its benefits and get access to the programs they have been offering for years.

Q: I am doing a lot of business with a vendor that is not on the HFA program. Can we get a program from this vendor? 
A: That is the focus of HFA. Our goal is to continue to expand our offerings to provide more and even better programs than what we have in place today.

Q: Will my local rep be affected by me becoming part of the HFA Buying Source program?
A: That depends on the suppliers’ compensation program. In some cases there may be some financial changes for your rep, but with the deeper program for you, the dealer, the potential in increased business should offset any potential decrease in compensation for your rep.



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