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Home Furnishings Association members qualify for our free buying group that offers rebates, discounts off invoice, weekly specials, special pricing and terms, even consumer promotions on mattress purchases to drive traffic to your store! If you’ve thought about a buying group before, here’s your chance. This is a FREE program just for being a HFA member.
Members can click here for access to Buying Source Program rebates and details. For Bedding Buydown rates click here.

HFA members can enroll in the FREE HFA Buying Source and gain the collective bargaining strength of over 8,000 stores when doing business with over 50 top consumer brands.

As part of the free, member-only HFA Buying Source, you can expect to earn more profit.

HFA Buying Source connects you to the top consumer brands in important merchandise categories:

Over fifty leading consumer brands participate in the HFA Buying Source, including:

HFA Buying Source Brands


Have questions? Check out these FAQ’s:

Q:  How much does it cost to participate in the HFA Buying Source?
A:  The HFA Buying Source program is available to HFA members for free.  There is no charge.

Q:  Can any member participate in the HFA Buying Source?
A:  Any member who is not currently participating in another buying group is eligible to participate.

Q:  Do I need to leave my current buying group to participate in HFA Buying Source?
A:  You can only participate in one buying group and will need to leave other programs when you join the HFA Buying Source.

Q:  After I enroll in the HFA Buying Source can I access all its vendor promotions?
A: You will be immediately eligible to access HFA Buying Source terms for participating vendors you already work with. Expanding to additional HFA Buying Source vendors is subject to their approval.

Q:  Will I need to change my current vendor representative?
A:  No, you will retain your vendor representatives and purchase processes. By participating in the HFA Buying Source, you can now access the special HFA Buying Source vendor terms.

Q:  Can I add a vendor to the HFA Buying Source?
A: If there is a vendor you would like to see added to the HFA Buying Source, please contact your HFA membership representative to make a recommendation.



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