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Commercial & Industrial Trash Compactors

MyHFAJun 24,2017
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Many severe injuries are caused each year by improper use of trash compactors. Injuries such as amputations, lacerations, and even fatalities have been the direct result of trash compactor misuse. It is important that management institute specific safety controls and instruct employees as to appropriate safe practices to follow when

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Forklift Startup and Shut Down. Starting and ending the day safely.

MyHFAJun 17,2017

Just a quick checklist for anyone who utilizes a forklift or lift. Startups and end of the day shut downs play a key roll in injury prevention. STARTUP – YOU MUST: Check for obvious physical damage and fluid leaks on the floor. Make sure the overhead guard, load backrest extension,

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Connect with Your Customer and Grow your Customer Base

MyHFAJun 16,2017

Do you know what made Zappos such a great company? It wasn’t that they were selling shoes online – they weren’t the first ones to do that. It was the way Zappos connected with their customers. They had a few philosophies they lived by such as: · The customer is


Ensure Your Signs are ADA Compliant

MyHFAJun 10,2017

You’ve seen them in just about every business environment and they are most likely your directional facilities signs to help the customer find restrooms, services, and exits. But are you ADA compliant? If they aren’t, you could be subject to sizeable fines. But just how big of a fine? As

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5 Steps to Build an Effective LOTO Plan

MyHFAJun 6,2017

Since OSHA introduced Standard 1910.147, great strides have been made to increase safety and reduce incidents of injury in workplaces everywhere.  Having a Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) plan plays a vital role in protecting workers and employees from life-threatening accidents on a regular basis. This is not just to industrial locations, many

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