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Preventing Facility Hazards: Electrical Safety Tips You Need to Know

MyHFAOct 24,2016

Three of the top ten OSHA electrical safety violations are electrical in nature; in addition, 5% of all on the job fatalities are due to improper interaction with electricity. Electrical hazards in your facility require the proper attention from safety managers when creating safety programs. Here are some electrical safety

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These Aren’t Your Father’s Rubber Bands, No More Inner Tube Strips

MyHFAOct 17,2016

There are many uses for the everyday rubber band, but what about extra large delivery rubber bands? Delivery Rubber Bands are made from an elastic yet resilient material to provide excellent holding properties while formulated to not transfer color to your merchandise like bands made from recycled tire inner tubes.

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State of California Raises Furniture Licensing Fees

MyHFAOct 13,2016
Current News,Government Relations

The Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation (Bureau) will be raising fees on nine license types effective December 1, 2016. All fees due on/after this date will be assessed using the matrix below. The last time the Bureau raised fees was 2002. This change is



Head to Toe Protection Tips for the Workplace

MyHFAOct 10,2016

It’s the last line of defense between you and a life altering injury, do you know the proper safety products and how they should be used in order to make sure you are protecting your employees? Do you train your staff on the importance using the products to keep them

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Not Just for Slingshots, Rubber Bands in the Warehouse

MyHFAOct 3,2016

When you hear “Rubber Bands” I’m sure you are thinking of those little elastic loops laying around the office that hold everything from stack of mail to a clutch of pencils together. But the rubber bands spotlighted in this month’s product focus video can actually save you from costly repairs

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