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Do You Recycle Fluorescent Lighting and E-Waste?

MyHFAMay 24,2017

Are you considering or recently completed a retrofitting to LEDs and left with some old lamps? Are they piled up in your dumpster or behind your building? Let’s hope not. Let’s face it, the world of lighting is like any other technology these days, constantly changing and upgrading. Staying educated and

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Do you Have a HOT Fire Escape Plan?

MyHFAMay 17,2017

Did you realize that roughly 200 workplace fires occur every day in the U.S.? Would employees and visitors to your workplace know how to exit quickly if they needed to evacuate? If (hopefully not when) a fire breaks out at work, there is no time for confusion and chaos: You and

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Action Alert: Stop Repeal of Debit Swipe Fee Reform

MyHFAMay 10,2017
Government Relations

Swipe Fee Reform is on the Chopping Block. Act NOW! Call your Representative and make a difference! The House Financial Services Committee passed the Financial CHOICE Act (H.R. 10) out of Committee. The next step is for members of the House to vote on it. Contact your Representatives ASAP (they’re home in their districts

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Anatomy of a Fall

MyHFAMay 10,2017

Anybody that comes in even the briefest of contact with the world of occupational safety knows that fall protection is a hot topic. There are blogs, social media groups, and even entire companies dedicated to it. Falls have been at or near the top of the list for occupational fatalities

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Spill Control & Cleanup for Facility and Customer Safety

MyHFAMay 8,2017

Spills may be inevitable, but the way you handle them is up to you. Whether your facility uses chemicals, solvents or just plain old water in everyday business there are many options available to your staff to take quick action to prevent accidents. Slips on the showroom floor by a

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