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BP 9-24

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Facility Lighting Solution?

MyHFASep 24,2016

They are on all day, everyday, but often the last thing on your mind until something goes wrong. Your lighting solution is the unsung hero of your facility. Few other building components are as essential or utilized to ensuring regular operations run smoothly. Without your lights, all of your other

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BP 9-17

From Showroom to the Delivery Truck, Touch Up Pens Making You More Profitable

MyHFASep 17,2016

Furniture repair is not just a back of the house function. Having the basic repair products available in all areas of a retail operation can increase your sales conversion rates and lead to returning business. Even the smallest of scuffs on furniture draws the eye of the consumer and lowers

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BP 9-10

Revealing Hidden Warehouse Hazards

MyHFASep 10,2016

Just about every industry that handles inventory, manufacturing or shipping utilizes warehouses. Lots and lots of warehouses. Not surprising, the difference in safety culture from one warehouse to the next is as varied as the products they store. Some are in new buildings with safety compliant paint lines, signage, well

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The Basics of Touch Up Pens

MyHFASep 3,2016

The best furniture repair is the not damaging the piece in the first place. For those who live and work in the real world, having the supplies and tools on hand to make a much needed repair can mean the difference between losing a sale and having a satisfied customer.

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This aerial image shows flooded areas on the campus of LSU, Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016, in Baton Rouge, La. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards says more than 1,000 people in south Louisiana have been rescued from homes, vehicles and even clinging to trees as a slow-moving storm hammers the state with flooding. (Patrick Dennis/The Advocate via AP)

How to Help Louisiana – Local Resources

MyHFAAug 30,2016
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Lots of HFA members have asked how they can help their fellow HFA members and residents of Louisiana after the recent flood devastation. The storm that started Aug. 12 dumped about two feet of water in some areas within 48 hours. The American Red Cross called it the worst natural