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5 Steps to a Successful Sales Training Program

As the furniture industry evolves and competition increases, we must ensure our sales associates and managers are consistently trained to meet customer needs and deliver great experiences every time. We often find that while most retail organizations may want a robust training program, they must figure out where to start.

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5 Sales Strategies for Selling More Furniture

Early predictions for retail sales in the coming year will be slower, and customers will be more deliberate in their purchases. But there is good news. A majority of buyers who purchase furniture will be in-store. The first and most obvious reason is that customers want to feel and try

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Attract New Customers Like Your Past Customers

Everybody needs furniture, right? It’s what can make targeting for your digital ad campaigns so challenging! The great thing about digital is that it can drill down and find only the specific customers you want. With behavior as universal as furniture shopping, nailing that customer down can seem next to

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4 Steps to Drive Traffic to your eCommerce Furniture Store

The home furnishings market is changing. What was once an in-person-only experience of feeling and touching fabrics is now done online for many people. The size of the global e-commerce furniture store market is projected to cross $40 billion by 2030. Shoppers are now driven more than ever by convenience.

Leverage Engaging Visuals to Drive Traffic

Engaging visuals are critical for your e-commerce site. They help increase time on the page, engagement with product pages, add-to-cart rates, and, ultimately, conversion rates. But getting shoppers to your site is half the battle. Whether you are using organic social media posts, paid social media campaigns, email sequences, display

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Increase Positive Customer Reviews & Sales Opportunities

Changing patterns of consumer behavior means furniture retailers now, more than ever, need to focus on engaging more deeply with their customers to build loyalty, drive in-store and online traffic, and uncover a steady flow of sales and marketing opportunities. New research by Package AI investigates the role of engagement

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6 Text Marketing Messages to Drive Traffic

Home furnishings retailers are discovering the power of text marketing messages to communicate effectively and revitalize their sales. By utilizing this powerful tool, they can innovatively engage with customers while creating opportunities for increased traffic and revenue growth. Here are six ways to use text to drive retail sales: Driving

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Time Management for Sales Managers

We all know that the best closer in your store is you. If you could spend ten minutes with every customer that walks into your store, you would undoubtedly see an increase in revenue. But you’re just one person with limited time. And since cloning yourself isn’t an option, we

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Employee Engagement: Keeping Seasoned Salespeople Happy

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 3% of the US workforce quits monthly. Voluntary turnover, especially among our salespeople, is at an all-time high. The workforce is shrinking, baby boomer retirements are accelerating, and your employees have more options than they have had in a long time. In

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Make Your Sales Meetings Engaging

If your sales meetings leave your teams snoozing, it’s time to wake things up. Keep reading for tips on how to make your sales meetings more engaging. From changes in format to interactive activities, we’ve got you covered. Making a few simple tweaks can transform your sales meetings from snooze

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