Customer reviews are an opportunity_HFA blog
Jonathan Schulman
Customer reviews are an opportunity

My wife doesn’t know this, but one day (when the kids are older), I think I’ll be back in the retail game. Being in so many stores, I get a chance to critique a lot of things from visual, salesmanship, leadership, and merchandise style and value. I’ve often found myself

Customer loyalty_Schulman_HFA blog
Jonathan Schulman
Customer loyalty comes from being brilliant

If you are an avid reader of my blog – thank you for your loyalty – you’d know that my family went to Switzerland over the Thanksgiving break. Ever been to Switzerland? It’s ludicrously expensive for everything! We bought a pint of water for seven American dollars – Insane. When

30k feet-lesson in customer service2
Jonathan Schulman
From 30,000 feet – a lesson in extraordinary service

I’ll spare you the run-up to how we wound up in Switzerland over the Thanksgiving holiday. Still, my family and I traded in a night of indigestion and a Black Friday hangover for a hop over the pond to do some skiing and see some friends that live in Basel.

Schulman_Expectations for sales_HFA Blog
Jonathan Schulman
Expectations for sales teams

Quick brag, my littlest offspring earned a spot on a highly competitive volleyball team over the summer. When she was offered the spot at the last minute, she was pressed for a commitment right away. The flood of emotions ran through her 14-year-old brain. She was over the moon excited

Intentional service leads to better company culture_IHFRA blog_11-21
Jonathan Schulman
Intentional service leads to better company culture

High Point Market. What do those three words mean to you? For a guy who has headed to the Triad for 18 years, I feel I have enough perspective marinating in my soul to the extent that I can accurately offer my take on it and how it got me

HFA-selling is show business_IHFRA
Jonathan Schulman
Selling is show business

I must preface this blog with the fact that I just got off a red-eye flight, and I’m sitting in the United Airlines lounge in Newark at o’dark thirty in the morning waiting to head to High Point for pre-market, so please bear with me. Don’t let the fact that

HFA CEO Blog_10-21-The Challenge of a Hybrid Business Model
Mark Schumacher
The challenge of a hybrid business model

Have you noticed that you now have to be good at three things? In our case at HFA, like every other business, we have had to create a hybrid business model. COVID world, we now have hybrid gatherings, or in the case of your business, you have a hybrid business

HFA_Blog_Is a Furniture Rep Training your Staff
Jonathan Schulman
Is a Furniture Rep Training your Staff?

I was all set to tap out a blog post about something near and dear to my heart – good profits vs. bad profits. This topic is such a subjective one that it’s probably worthy of a complete book. Hey, there’s an idea. However, the other morning, I woke up

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Geo-fencing and Geo-framing are both forms of digital advertising targeting customers based on their locations. Although both have similar names,

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