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Reducing eCommerce Cart Abandonment with Alternative Payments

  eCommerce has become essential for home furnishing businesses to reach and engage with customers. However, despite the convenience and accessibility of online shopping for customers and retailers, eCommerce cart abandonment is a significant challenge.  Online shopping carts’ average cart abandonment rate is a whopping 70%, signaling a need for

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GigaCloud Technology
How Home Furnishings Retailers Can Adapt to the Future of eCommerce

In recent years, the retail and eCommerce landscape has significantly shifted towards embracing and favoring digital-first experiences. This trend, spanning across industries from fashion to furniture, shows no signs of slowing down, with global retail eCommerce sales expected to grow by 56% over the next few years, reaching approximately $8.1

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Retail in the City
10 Cost-Effective Ways to Refresh Your Home Furnishings Store

Are you looking for budget-friendly ways to refresh your home furnishings store without breaking the bank? You’re not alone! In this blog post, we’ll give you ten tips on how to be cost-effective when updating the look and feel of your home furnishing store. From rearranging departments to signage and

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Ledge Lounger
Retail Merchandising Techniques that Immerse the Customer and Equal Sales

Walking into a furniture store can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience for consumers. As a furniture retailer, it is essential to facilitate a seamless shopping journey that allows customers to envision the furniture in their own homes effortlessly. By focusing on retail merchandising techniques such as effective product placement,

How product visuals Influence Sales in 2023

Consumers have an abundance of choice when it comes to e-commerce. Countless brands and retailers vie for consumer attention and share of wallet. So what are the deciding factors that turn shoppers into customers? Last year, Nfinite confirmed in a proprietary data report that product imagery is high on the

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Home Furnishings Association
Merchandising and Store Design Impact the Customer Experience

In the highly competitive furniture retail world, capturing customers’ attention and interest is crucial for success. Creating an exceptional customer experience is a top priority for store owners and managers. While product quality and pricing undoubtedly play important roles, the significance of effective merchandising and store design cannot be overstated.

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Lori Friedlander
How to Perform a Merchandising Audit for Your Furniture Store

Conducting a merchandising audit is essential to any furniture retailer’s business strategy. It is an opportunity to objectively evaluate how your store aligns with your business goals as it relates to your products, employees, facilities, and overall brand message. A successful audit identifies key areas for improvement and follows up

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Is Your Furniture Store Layout as Productive as Your Best Salesperson?

In the retail world, a store’s success is often determined by the collaboration between its design and sales teams. While a store’s layout serves as the foundation for an immersive shopping experience, the effectiveness of its best designers and salespersons can significantly impact productivity. With that being said, this raises

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