Customers' feet leaving a store
Jonathan Schulman
What are you doing that prevents sales?

Often, talking to staff cannot only let you know what’s working but also what’s not. There might be things that you aren’t even aware of that prevents sales. That’s where perspective comes in. Last week, I had a timely interaction with a fellow soccer dad while waiting for our daughters

The word customer written on a chalk board
Jonathan Schulman
Are you mission-driven or profit-driven?

Customer loyalty. Wouldn’t you love to have all of your customers be loyal? Why? Loyal customers come back more often, spend more money, buy more items, refer their friends, and provide valuable feedback. These are your best customers. When I was working the floor and saw a be back walk

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Riaz Husein
Lean or Six Sigma. Which one is right for you?

In the past few years, the terms Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma have been tossed around as companies look for proven methodologies in improving operations and reducing expense. Both approaches have been widely adopted in many industries with impressive results. There are two challenges for a small business owner: first,

Diverse business leaders standing with arms folded
Home Furnishings Association
Sales leadership improves the bottom line

Great sales begin with proper leadership, and one of the best ways to outperform the competition is with the right sales leadership approach. Recently, HFA’s CEO Mark Schumacher spoke with retail sales management expert Karen Barry from The Friedman Group about how building better sales habits can create a repeatable

Buying power webinar
Home Furnishings Association
Top 5 factors to protect your buying power

The financial supply chain bubble is bursting… You’ve been more focused on the lack of physical inventory but probably haven’t realized that you’re teetering on a precarious cliff of losing the buying power you once had and won’t have the credit to continue buying from your existing vendor base. This

Image shows a woman resting her arms on a stack of books
Doug Clark
Furniture makes a life difference now, Bliss says

Furniture sales are strong, but retailers have an opportunity to build something more durable, Jeanne Bliss said: emotional bonds with their customers. Bliss spoke with Home Furnishings Association CEO Mark Schumacher in an HFA Live webinar Oct. 8. She is founder of CustomerBliss, consulting with C-Suite executives of major corporations

Robert Bell
Okinus helps retailers close the sale and earn repeat customers

Okinus helps retailers close the sale and earn repeat customers In tough economic times, building and maintaining a solid credit score can be tricky for many consumers. Did you know that more than 60 million American consumers possess a credit score of 650 or less and cannot qualify for traditional

Robert Bell
Rotmans anticipates third-quarter sales equal to last year’s

Massachusetts had some of the strictest COVID-19 shutdown orders in the country earlier this year. Not only was Home Furnishings Association member Rotmans forced to close its doors in Worcester, Mass., but it also couldn’t sell online because its warehouse was forced to shutter, too. But summer has been a

Preferred Lease
Doug Clark
Preferred Lease aims to save more sales

With Preferred Lease, customers who are turned down for credit no longer need to leave empty handed. “We turn the negative experience of a credit decline into a positive, allowing customers to get the product they selected, with no credit needed,” said Robert Reckinger, senior director of business development for

Maintenance sign wrench and screwdriver tools.
Cate Gallagher
Digital tools bring sales success in new reality

It seems we are working our way out of the introduction phase of life during a pandemic and entering the phase where we start to adapt. The past few months have brought some sales challenges to light based on how customers want to do business moving forward: digitally. It is

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