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Home Furnishings Association
Sales leadership improves the bottom line

Great sales begin with proper leadership, and one of the best ways to outperform the competition is with the right sales leadership approach. Recently, HFA’s CEO Mark Schumacher spoke with retail sales management expert Karen Barry from The Friedman Group about how building better sales habits can create a repeatable

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Home Furnishings Association
The impact of Vietnam trade tariffs on the furniture industry

Home furnishings products are one of the largest imports to the US. It is no surprise that when the United States imposed tariffs on exports from China, manufacturers got creative on ways to keep prices low for their customers. Many manufacturers responded by relocating their operations from China to Vietnam

Ghost in the store
David Gunn
Furniture stores have ghosts

We use facial recognition traffic counters on our front doors to get as accurate of a count as possible of the people entering our furniture stores. It also captures a small image of each individual. A couple of years ago, we discovered that on more than 30 occasions, a particular

The furnishings industry is craving contact
Mark Schumacher
The furnishings industry is craving contact

I am craving contact! I think in home furnishings, we all are craving contact right now. Our industry has many wonderful attributes, but the one thing that I fell in love with and that resonates with me is our business’ collegial nature. We are part of a customer-centric industry, and

Omnichannel technology of online retail business.
Riaz Husein
How to create a truly omnichannel experience for your customers

Over the past few years, the emergence of the digital economy had already begun to change consumers’ expectations and buying habits. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the pace of change – placing more power and choice in consumers’ hands. Consumers are demanding – and smart retailers are providing –

Image of Delivery people setting up furniture
Riaz Husein
New Standards for Final Mile Delivery

Making a typical final mile home delivery in the COVID-19 era has changed for the foreseeable future. Many retailers have risen to the challenge and innovated quickly to provide options – driven by consumer preferences. Prior to the pandemic, the majority of deliveries made by full-line furniture retailers were a

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Five Important Reasons You Should be Using a Freight Broker

Before we list the five important reasons why you should use a freight broker, let’s define what they do. A freight broker arranges freight shipping between a carrier and a shipper. In exchange, the broker receives a small commission for facilitating the transaction. Freight brokers add value and flexibility to your

Reverse Logistics: How to Create a Seamless Returns Process
Riaz Husein
Reverse Logistics: How to Create a Seamless Returns Process

More Sales = More Returns As retailers gear up for peak holiday season sales, it is important not to lose sight of what happens next. Unfortunately, some of the merchandise you sell is going to come back! And increased sales mean increased returns. With more online shopping, the rate of

Women shopper texting on mobile
Seven best practices for text messaging with your customers

It’s no secret that people love to text. In fact, according to a Gallup poll, 68 percent of Americans under 30 prefer texting over any other method of communication. But consumers don’t just want to text with their friends and family. Recent research has found that 90 percent of consumers

Matter Broters
Robert Bell
As online sales soar, Matter Brothers invests in its ‘new flagship store’

HFA member Matter Brothers Furniture always had a plan to venture into e-commerce, but there always seemed to be bigger projects – a new POS system, reorganizing the warehouse and showroom floors – to tackle in the company’s five-year plan. “There was always something that seemed more important,” said Kim Dominguez,

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