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El Paso, TX. USA - October 23,2020: Free Covid-19 screening took place at the University of Texas at El Paso campus as the Covid-19 surge reaches nearly 27,000 cases. Four additional mobile morgues have been requested to help with the increasing Covid-19 death spike.
Doug Clark
Furniture stores operate safely, sell essential products

The Home Furnishings Association urges furniture retailers to tell their state and local elected leaders that their businesses are safe, essential and strong contributors to economic recovery. “The COVID crisis isn’t going away soon,” Mark Schumacher, the association’s CEO, said in an email to more than 1,300 HFA members. “In

United States Capitol
Mark Schumacher
Members need new stimulus action, now!

When the Covid 19 pandemic began, action from Congress was swift and necessary. The CARES Act saved millions of businesses and jobs in the early stages of mandated shutdowns. Here we are months later and many of our members and home furnishing businesses need help again and now. As we

Image shows a crib
Doug Clark
CPSC continues aggressive recalls

The Consumer Products Safety Commission continues its aggressive push for recalls of furniture products it believes pose danger to children. Most of the products identified are sold online. The latest: Walker Edison Furniture Co. has recalled two models of four-drawer chests, CPSC said in a news release Nov. 4. “The

Image shows a woman voting
Doug Clark
Voters reject California tax hike; other initiatives affect retailers

California voters said no to Proposition 15, a measure that would have led to higher taxes on commercial and industrial property. By a narrow margin, furniture retailers were spared a large increase in the cost of doing business. Proposition 15 was just one ballot initiative with real or potential impacts

Image gives an autumn view of the U.S. Capitol
Doug Clark
After elections, HFA’s advocacy work continues

A new president may take office Jan. 20, but the Home Furnishings Association must continue to project a consistent voice for important industry issues. That was one message delivered by the association’s CEO, Mark Schumacher, and lobbyist Chris Andresen in an HFA Live webinar as votes were still being counted

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Doug Clark
HFA alerts California members to tax threat

For California members of the Home Furnishings Association, this has been a very difficult year. And it can get worse if voters approve Proposition 15 on the Nov. 3 ballot. Business shutdowns in response to the coronavirus crisis and widespread wildfires delivered a devastating economic impact to the state. While

2020 Webinar_5-14
Doug Clark
Congressmen aim to help retailers avoid ADA website lawsuits

A bipartisan bill in Congress addresses a problem that has cost many Home Furnishings Association members thousands of dollars. It’s called the Online Accessibility Act. If it becomes law, it would bar plaintiffs from filing legal actions before businesses had time to fix website deficiencies and government agencies could seek

Image shows a PPP logo
Doug Clark
HFA members with small PPP loans get a break

Home Furnishings Association members who borrowed $50,000 or less through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) received good news last week. The Small Business Administration has granted easier loan forgiveness. Those small borrowers won’t be penalized if they reduced the number of employees or trimmed payroll. HFA has asked for more.

Image shows people attending HFA's Washington Fly-in
Doug Clark
HFA pushes harder for PPP loan forgiveness

The Home Furnishings Association and more than 100 other business groups continue pushing Congress for easy PPP loan forgiveness. So is Bobby Leon, owner of HFA member Chesnick Furniture in Victoria, Texas. And he helped win over his congressman. Congress has failed to advance any new COVID recovery legislation since

Image shows the president signing a paper
Doug Clark
Many HFA members say no to payroll tax order

Most businesses likely to continue withholding The option to defer withholding employees’ payroll tax contributions might seem enticing. Furniture retailers and other businesses can boost their employees’ paychecks for a few months at no cost to themselves. But, digging deeper, some Home Furnishings Association members have found a good reason

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