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Chris Andresen
Multiple Paths for Congress on U.S. Infrastructure

Accomplishing the goal of adequate U.S. infrastructure funding has been a critical talking point in recent months on Capitol Hill. One of President Biden’s major legislative accomplishments was the American Rescue Plan. It was a $2.2 trillion bill that extended federal unemployment bonuses through early September, provided $300+ billion to

2021 High Point Market Congressional Visits_HFA_blog-image
Home Furnishings Association
High Point Market visited by Congressional leaders

The Home Furnishings Association invited High Point Representatives Kathy Manning (D) and Ted Budd (R) to visit High Point Market. HFA CEO Mark Schumacher discussed with them the furniture industry and the issues that retailers face such as supply chain, tariffs, and more.  

Whitehouse image_HFA urges President Biden for supply chain crisis relief
Mark Schumacher
HFA urges President Biden for supply chain crisis relief

Throughout the supply chain crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic, HFA’s Government Relations Action Team has been working diligently with our lobbyist in Washington to put forward all the concerns affecting every furniture retailer’s livelihood. The broken supply chain, with its systemic cost increases, is slowing the recovery of our

blocks reading safe workplace
Chris Andresen
Protection from COVID-19 in the workplace

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) at the Department of Labor recently released its long-anticipated Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) on ‘Mitigating and Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace.’ Labor Secretary Marty Walsh led this effort while President Biden’s nominee for OSHA Administrator, Doug Parker, is still working

Divided Congress_Achieving bipartisan agreement in infrastructure talks_HFA-GRAT
Chris Andresen
Achieving bipartisan agreement in infrastructure talks

Crumbling infrastructure is a common problem across the United States, impacting our global competitiveness and directly impacting furniture retailers trying to receive, process, and deliver in-demand goods to consumers. For the last several years, the running joke in Washington, DC, has been the never-ending ‘Infrastructure Week.’ Previous administrations and congresses

Sofa with a no chemical symbol overlay_HFA chemical regulations
Chris Andresen
More chemical regulations for furniture manufacturing

The furniture industry is no stranger to regulation – we have adapted to comply with hundreds of state and federal regulations. But despite political gridlock at the federal level often slowing down legislative and regulatory efforts, more chemical regulations for furniture manufacturing are on the way. Aggressive regulatory efforts have

White House emblem_Update on President Biden’s First 100 Days_HFA GRAT
Chris Andresen
Update on President Biden’s First 100 Days

The first 100 days is an important milestone for any President, and Joe Biden recently completed his 100th day in office. This period within a four-year term can set the tone for the remainder of the presidency, and President Biden can point to key successes and see some areas for

Tax spelled out_A corporate tax rate hike will impact furniture retailers_HFA
Mark Schumacher
A corporate tax rate hike will impact furniture retailers

Sometimes a simple answer can turn out to be the most complex. There are times when a seemingly easy solution ends up complicating matters. That truly is the case right now in the conversation about raising the corporate tax rate as a way of paying for much of the stimulus

President Biden talking about the American Jobs Plan
Chris Andresen
American Jobs Plan could help the furniture industry

March saw the American Rescue Plan’s passage, designed to accelerate vaccine development and administration, stabilize state/local governments, extend federal unemployment insurance benefits, and provide additional direct payments to individuals and families. Following the Rescue Plan, the Biden Administration and Democrat congressional leaders have turned their attention to a broad, $2.2+

Graphic of US Capitol with stars and stripes
Chris Andresen
GRAT Update: Q1 2021 COVID-19 Recovery

The first quarter of 2021 has been extremely active on many policy, economic, and industry fronts. In many ways, the HFA Government Relations Action Team (GRAT) had a front-row ‘virtual’ seat to the discussions on Capitol Hill and across the country as policymakers, and local leaders continued efforts in the

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