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Image shows people attending HFA's Washington Fly-in
Doug Clark
HFA pushes harder for PPP loan forgiveness

The Home Furnishings Association and more than 100 other business groups continue pushing Congress for easy PPP loan forgiveness. So is Bobby Leon, owner of HFA member Chesnick Furniture in Victoria, Texas. And he helped win over his congressman. Congress has failed to advance any new COVID recovery legislation since

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Doug Clark
Many HFA members say no to payroll tax order

Most businesses likely to continue withholding The option to defer withholding employees’ payroll tax contributions might seem enticing. Furniture retailers and other businesses can boost their employees’ paychecks for a few months at no cost to themselves. But, digging deeper, some Home Furnishings Association members have found a good reason

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Doug Clark
Liability protection battle waged in states and Congress

Liability protection from COVID-related claims was easily won in Alabama. Gov. Kay Ivey granted it for businesses in an executive order she signed in May. “I want to do everything within my authority to protect businesses as Alabama’s economy gets up and running again,” Ivey said then. “As we resume

Image shows a container ship in a port
Doug Clark
HFA joins call for port efficiency

The Home Furnishings Association supports a push to break logjams at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in California. HFA joined the Harbor Trucking Association and other industry groups in a letter urging port leaders to address “major issues currently impacting the operations of the San Pedro Bay

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Doug Clark
CPSC announces recall of ‘unstable’ $60 chest

A $60 chest sold exclusively at Kmart has been recalled as a tip-over hazard, the Consumer Products Safety Commission announced. The action is the latest of more than a dozen recalls of unstable bedroom clothing storage units in the past two years. They have not involved Home Furnishings Association members.

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Doug Clark
Relationships with politicians help your business

When Joseph P. Kennedy III visited Simon’s Furniture Mattresses Appliances in Franklin, Mass., recently, he might have been the most adept politician in the place. But Jared Simon is sharpening his skills, too. Kennedy is practicing the family craft. A fourth-term member of the U.S. House of Representatives, he’s now

Image shows President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping
Doug Clark
Disruptive actions against China coming, speaker tells HFA

Many more punitive actions against China are coming soon, and some could disrupt important supply chains for the furniture industry, Washington, D.C., lawyer Michael Borden warned in a Home Furnishings Association webinar last week. “Watch out,” said Borden, who leads the Government Strategies group for the global law firm Sidley

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Doug Clark
HFA urgently pushes for RESTART Act

The Home Furnishings Association in May became a key, early supporter of the RESTART Act. Now, perhaps just in time, the proposal is gaining momentum. The Small Business Majority, a national advocacy organization, and other business groups have joined the push to include this new lending program in the next

Image shows the Virginia Capitol building
Doug Clark
Virginia sets nation’s first COVID-19 workplace standard

The coronavirus spreads quickly, and so do government regulations. That was true recently in Virginia, where the state implemented new workplace safety requirements. “It’s been a very fast-moving train,” Courtney Malveaux said during a webinar for the Virginia Retail Federation last week. “It moved so fast that, frankly, a lot

David Berggren stands on the ground where his fifth furniture store will be built in Clarksville, Tenn.
Doug Clark
Tennessee looks at liability protection

David Berggren has implemented strong safety measures in his Clarksville, Tenn., furniture stores. Every employee reporting for work must pass a wellness checklist and temperature screening. Everyone, including customers, must wear face coverings. Everything is cleaned every two hours and overnight. Yet, the owner of Home Furnishings Association member Furniture

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