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  • 15 06 2021
    Digital Marketing

    Quick Click Solutions: How You Can Capture Sales in the New Digital Customer Journey

    In this Quick Click Solutions video by Laura Khory with Shoptelligence, Laura highlights the importance of engaging potential customers in their digital journey and covers key tactics for sales conversions.

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  • 14 06 2021
    Policy Matters

    Achieving bipartisan agreement in infrastructure talks

    Crumbling infrastructure is a common problem across the United States, impacting our global competitiveness and directly impacting furniture retailers trying to receive, process, and deliver in-demand goods to consumers. For the last several years, the running joke in Washington, DC, has been the never-ending ‘Infrastructure…

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  • 03 06 2021

    Healthcare benefits can attract new hires

    More than ever, healthcare benefits are top of mind for those looking for employment, and with furniture stores finding it more and more challenging to attract job applicants, wouldn’t it be nice to have good healthcare benefits to attract new hires? Recently, more than a…

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The HFA is committed to championing the causes & issues important to you as a home furnishings retailer.

Our team of retail volunteers and staff work closely with our Washington, D.C. counsel and industry and national associations and organizations to bring you the up-to-the-minute information on government issues that can and will impact your business.

We do the research, gather the information, and monitor the issues so we can keep you well-informed and prepared to take action when needed. As members you’ll receive the benefit of timely information tailored to our industry and recommendations on how to respond—whether it’s making a simple phone call to your representative or taking a more active role and joining our Government Relations Action Team.

Government relations are a critical part of business. It’s not just about politics—it’s about the Marketplace Fairness Act for sales tax collection, interchange fees on bankcard processing, EPA regulations, Department of Transportation regulations, healthcare reform, tax reform, and much, much more. We’ll be your eyes and ears in Washington, D.C.

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