Market Seminars On Demand

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During each High Point and Las Vegas Furniture Market the Home Furnishings Association’s Resource Center offers free seminars where market-goers can learn from the brightest minds in retail. Now, these sessions have been recorded and are made available to members only in case you weren’t able to catch all of our seminars during your market visit.

We hope you find them informative and helpful for your business!

Las Vegas Market - Winter 2024


Discover all the essential steps retailers must take to establish a lucrative direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales channel. Boost your sales and expand your customer base with an effective D2C strategy. Get concrete answers to all your burning questions on how to set up this game-changing program from scratch.

Presented by Scott Chorna & Kasper Fopp, GigaCloud Technology

High Point Market - Fall 2023


Discover the power of integrating Service and Technology to surpass after the sale customer service expectations. Explore the benefits of utilizing innovative tools like virtual technicians, field service management, and automated communication to enhance the customer experience, strengthen your brand, and optimize operational cost efficiency.

Presented by Dominik Lysaght, Service Technologies

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