American dollars grow from the ground
Fortiva Retail Credit
Growing Retail Sales with Second Look Financing

Approximately 40% of the U.S. population has less-than-perfect credit1, with credit scores that range from 550-700 amid the broader FICO scale of 300-850. Although these everyday Americans typically have dependable and full-time income, they fail to meet the criteria of prime lenders. When a prime lender declines credit for these

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David McMahon
Analyzing Which Expenses Will Maximize Profitability and Cash Flow

Whatever regional economic situation you find yourself in, there is always an opportunity for improvement. It is important to have your finger on the pulse of your business and look for ways to maximize profitability and cash flow. If sales grow faster than in previous periods, cash flow will grow

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Home Furnishings Association
The Importance of Understanding Your Retail Financial Health

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of retail, understanding your financial health is not just a recommended practice; it’s a critical necessity for survival and growth. For a furniture retail store, comprehending the intricacies of your financial well-being can make the difference between thriving and fading into obscurity. This blog

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Alternative Payment Options Enhance Customer Experience

In today’s digital age, furniture customers expect convenience and flexibility regarding payment options. This blog post will explore the importance of offering alternative payment methods and how they can benefit your business by providing enhanced customer experience and driving increased loyalty. The value and appeal of flexible payment solutions In

7 Tips to Improve Cash Flow_HFA blog
Home Furnishings Association
7 Tips to Improve Cash Flow

A fluid cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Especially as we see an economic downturn approach, it will be more critical to ensure you are continuously improving your cash flow situation. Here are some actions you can take to generate more cash in your home furnishings retail business.

Riskified Fraud prevention HFA blog
HFA’s eCommerce Fraud Prevention Solution: Riskified

Riskified, one of HFA’s newest members, empowers businesses to realize the full eCommerce potential by making it safe, accessible, and frictionless. The world’s largest brands trust us to increase revenue, manage risk, maximize fraud prevention, and improve customer interactions. Leading With Customer Centricity in a Digital-First World Customer centricity has

HFA Genesis second look partner
Genesis Credit
What is second-look financing and why do retailers need it?

Despite last year’s global challenges, the furniture industry rebounded in 2020 as people spruced up their spaces and renovated multiple rooms within their homes. Although financing played a significant role in this success, one thing that also increased – primary credit declines. Turning customers away is never the desired outcome,

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