The 3-10 Approach to eComm_HFA-CEO
Mark Schumacher
The 3-10 Approach to eComm 

Recently, we held a webinar relating to optimizing eComm, and it was a perfect example of the need for what I call the 3-10 approach. Just looking at eComm alone, there are so many aspects of it that you need to get right to be successful. How are you tracking

Photo of owners outside store.
Robert Bell
From Facebook to storefront to online: New HFA member Relaxerie takes off

David Howell and Grant Sparks are more than just business partners. They’re childhood friends who grew up together and went to school together. So when Sparks was looking for someone to help grow the mattress store he started, he knew just whom to turn to.  Howell and Sparks, the Home Furnishings Association’s newest members, own Relaxerie Sleep Shop, a two-store chain just

Dovr Media helps HFA members dive into the e-commerce game

Furniture retailers were notoriously slow in embracing an e-commerce strategy. The pandemic changed that. E-commerce as a revenue-generating strategy has advanced three to five years just within the past nine months as evident by strong online sales throughout the summer. Today, your online store is your new flagship store.  Supporting that new flagship requires having strong

Photo shows Laura Khoury
Robert Bell
Shoptelligence CEO offers retailers tips for thriving in e-commerce

It’s no secret the novel coronavirus pandemic has changed how we shop, but at first there was only anecdotal evidence of that. In the Home Furnishings Association’s live COVID-19 Webinar June 4, Shoptelligence CEO Laura Khoury offered real data to to show just how dramatic that change is in the

2020 Webinar_5-14
Robert Bell
E-commerce is here to stay, HFA members tell fellow retailers

Sheely’s Furniture in Ohio dipped its toes into the e-commerce game last summer. Nine months later, the longtime Home Furnishings Association member has a message for other brick-and-mortar furniture retailers: It’s time for everyone to dive in. “This is something a lot of retailers will look back on in 15

Robert Bell
Wanek to retailers: Embrace an e-commerce game

The ripples from the coronavirus pandemic will change consumer shopping habits for years — perhaps even permanently —  as more Americans choose to travel less and stay home more. That will create a more localized economy for all small businesses, and retailers should act now to take advantage of the

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