The Ideal eCommerce Experience

For centuries, retail was a pretty straightforward proposition. Merchants opened stores, and customers came to those brick-and-mortar locations, browsed with the help of a knowledgeable sales associate, and went home with their purchases. While that model is still at the heart of modern merchandising, today, the most successful retailers pair

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Increase Your Average Order Size (AOS) Online

As an eCommerce manager, one of your main goals is to increase the average order size on your website. There are a few key ways you can do this, and we’ll explore them all in this blog post. You can see a significant increase in your average order size by

Image depicting online fraud
Ecommerce Fraud: What Furniture Merchants Need to Know to Succeed Online

Buying furniture is strictly an in-store experience for some who want to feel the grain of the wood or test the comfort of the cushions. Increasingly, people prefer the convenience of ordering from an online catalog and having their new couch or table delivered home. Many merchants looking to leverage this

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Outward Inc.
CASE STUDY: Hoot Judkins Visual Merchandising Website

Visual Merchandising That Saves Time and Increases Sales on Your Website HFA member Hoot Judkins is the Bay Area’s largest wood furniture store and serves the entire United States with less than 50 employees. The third-generation family-owned and operated business carries an extensive array of wood furniture made in the

Not Having an ADA Compliant Website Could Be Costly

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law that protects people with disabilities from discrimination. While websites and other digital content online are still not explicitly mentioned in the ADA, regulations and court orders show that the ADA does apply to web content. ADA compliance means you have

Personalization with Technology
Combining Personalization with Personal Assistance Increases Repeat Business

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Back in the 18th and early 19th centuries was the Industrial Revolution, the transition from manufacturing by hand to machine-based production. But did you know that civilization has experienced more than one industrial revolution? That first industrial revolution was followed by the incorporation of technology in

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