Maximize Your eCommerce Sales with Custom Audience Technology

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ECommerce is a vital part of how consumers purchase right now! As just one example, online sales represented over 90% of the growth in the furniture industry overall in 2022. So many businesses have embraced this powerful new selling tool, offering online shopping through eCommerce-geared websites.

But are you fully maximizing your marketing budget to build your online sales as much as possible? The first key step to building your eCommerce profits is to market to your list. And I’m not talking about direct mail, but the digital version!

Custom Audiences are a proven and effective way to increase your return sales and repeat customers. One of the bonuses to online shopping is that it’s also designed to capture and build a thorough database of your customers. People who buy on your site give you their name, email, phone number, and more! And thanks to custom audience technology, you can match every one of the people in that database to their online identity and serve ads just to those people!

Custom Audience strategies can be easily executed across several platforms, including:

  •       Facebook/Instagram
  •       Display Ads
  •       Native Ads
  •       Pre-Roll Video Ads
  •       Social Mirroring Ads
  •       OTT & CTV Ads
  •       Amazon Ads

Seamlessly engaging with your full database over several different digital platforms will grow your eCommerce sales. And the best part is that you can continue to use your e-comm database to find new customers as well!

Lookalike Audiences effectively leverage your database of current/past customers to find new ones. It starts the same way as before, by analyzing your customer list and matching the info to those people’s online identities. But then, you can use demographic/behavioral ad targeting technology to find new customers in the geography that you set that are similar to the ones on your list. They are so similar that they fall into the top 1% of people who most closely mimic your current audience. And on every single one of the platforms that you can run a Custom Audience campaign on, you can also run a Lookalike Audience campaign. Many clients like to run the two simultaneously, but you certainly don’t have to.

 Define Your Audience

While it makes sense that the majority of your growth in online sales will come from digital marketing, you might still need to buy some traditional media like radio, TV, outdoor, etc. So, how can your online database help you to determine those marketing measures better? Your database can be used to generate what Conquest Digital Solutions calls an Insight Report. This report runs your database through a process that matches their info to tons of third-party data that can be gathered about the users on that list. What’s generated is a comprehensive but digestible breakdown of your current customer audience. The report includes information like Age, Gender, Household Income, Lifestyle Groups, Net Worth, Online Interests and topics, and so much more!


 With this goldmine of information, you can re-evaluate your entire marketing strategy, ensuring that every creative aspect of your brand is geared to resonate with the audience buying your products. If you’d like one of these reports for your customer database, we can generate one for you completely free and without commitment. Just reach out and let us know!

Undoubtedly, we are firmly in a new age dominated by online shopping and eCommerce. But don’t fear! With new custom audience technology come many ways to grow your customer list and business. And Conquest Digital Solutions is here to help!

Conquest Digital Solutions

Conquest Digital Solutions is a full-service digital advertising agency specializing in media planning, online ad buying, reporting, and optimization of campaigns.

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