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AI Powered eCommerce Analytics Tools Can Drive Home Furnishings Success

In the fast-paced world of home furnishing eCommerce, gaining a competitive edge is paramount. With the ever-expanding array of marketplaces, retailers, and product variations, understanding and optimizing your digital presence has never been more crucial. That’s where advanced AI-powered eCommerce analytics comes into play, offering powerful tools and insights to

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Customer-Centric Commerce: Enhancing Experience with Virtual Payments

Home furnishings retailers constantly adapt to new and innovative ways of transacting with customers. With the pandemic pushing consumers towards online shopping, many retailers have faced challenges when collecting payments from customers who purchase home furnishing products, and navigating the world of virtual payments can be overwhelming. In this blog

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6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website as Google’s New Algorithm Changes

How to Navigate Google’s New Algorithm and Leverage AI Tools to Benefit Your Business In March 2024, Google’s new algorithm impacted many sites deindexed from Google Search. This change is tied to an effort to clean up spam sites and realize the goal of reducing unhelpful, irrelevant, or unoriginal content

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The Future of Retail: Navigating Immersive Retail Experiences in 2024

Modern consumers want clarity before they make a purchase. However, this clarity is often elusive when shopping online. Many e-commerce websites continue to present static and incomplete product imagery, leaving gaps and making it challenging for customers to fully understand what they are buying before making a decision. When customers

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Tips for Website Accessibility for Online Retailers

Website accessibility for online retailers is crucial because it ensures compliance with legal requirements, opens new markets and customer segments, improves the user experience for all customers, and enhances the brand’s reputation. In today’s digital age, accessibility is not just a moral obligation but also a business imperative that retailers

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Conquest Digital Solutions
Maximize Your eCommerce Sales with Custom Audience Technology

ECommerce is a vital part of how consumers purchase right now! As just one example, online sales represented over 90% of the growth in the furniture industry overall in 2022. So many businesses have embraced this powerful new selling tool, offering online shopping through eCommerce-geared websites. But are you fully

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Transcend Furniture Retail: Centralizing Customer Data with AI

According to Forbes, the rapid rise of eCommerce will see just over 20% of retail purchases take place online in 2023. The rise of eCommerce has transformed the face of retail and ushered in an era of digital transformation in the furniture sector. It has also increased the amount of

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Reducing eCommerce Cart Abandonment with Alternative Payments

  eCommerce has become essential for home furnishing businesses to reach and engage with customers. However, despite the convenience and accessibility of online shopping for customers and retailers, eCommerce cart abandonment is a significant challenge.  Online shopping carts’ average cart abandonment rate is a whopping 70%, signaling a need for

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