Grow Your Furniture Business Nationwide Without eCommerce

2019 22 January
11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern

Grow Your Furniture Business Nationwide Without eCommerce

Would you like to expand your range and sell to customers all across the country? If so, but you’re worried about costs, technical know-how and logistics, this webinar will ease your mind and give you new ways to think about the opportunities. Growing your business outside of your local or regional trade area doesn’t have to mean investing in an e-commerce storefront. As out-of-area customers find you through other means — your non-transactional website, social media posts, word of mouth, customer reviews, visiting your showroom and more — shipping to where your buyers are can give your business a national footprint. This webinar explores:

• Best practices for servicing out-of-area buyers
• How to decide on the best shipping methods and why
• Shipping rates and setting a smart pricing strategy
• How to minimize and manage damages and returns

Your furniture store isn’t rooted in place. Thanks to the internet, its doors open to shoppers across the country – and some of those shoppers want to buy. This webinar will show you how easy it can be!

Janet Vito VP of Marketing and Sales, uShip

As the VP of Marketing and Sales at uShip, Janet brings 30 years of experience in the technology industry to the logistics space, with a focus on delivering real-world value to uShip’s customers.

Matt Maya, Owner, Curbside Treasures

Matt Maya is a custom furniture maker from Wilmington, North Carolina. He and his wife Sarah sell and ship their farmhouse tables and custom wood furniture nationwide through multiple channels — a brick and mortar store and an Etsy shop, as well as a non-transactional website and social media posts that generate inbound calls. A teacher-turned-business owner, Matt has learned the ins and outs of what he considers the hardest part of his business: shipping and logistics. He’s able to share best practices and how to think about shipping rates when selling to a national audience without an e-commerce store.

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