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Betterpay is a full commerce payment enablement provider driven to deliver businesses a frictionless experience, innovative technologies, unconventional payment solutions, and True Zero cost merchant accounts to empower small businesses’ growth and put money back into the pockets of business owners.

Betterpay offers traditional, surcharge, and dual pricing programs. They integrate with hundreds of POS systems, work with multiple gateways for phone orders and e-commerce sites, and focus on cloud-based terminals. We are full service 24/7, 365 days a year.

The company offers Zero Cost Processing, Credit surcharge set-ups, and by far the lowest overall cost on traditional processing based on Interchange + pricing.

Betterpay Introduces “True Zero”. The Smarter Way for Small Businesses to Accept Payments.

In June 2022 Betterpay launched their “True Zero” merchant account program. The new program is the only one in the US that truly eliminates ALL costs associated with card acceptance for business owners without any gimmicks.

Businesses adopting the True Zero merchant account program will not be paying for the fees traditionally associated with accepting card payments from their customers. Businesses will benefit from 0% processing rates, $0 per transaction fee, $0 monthly fees, and $0 upfront costs. In addition, Betterpay supplies their merchants with a state-of-the-art payment acceptance technology fits their needs.

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