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HFA Members will all receive an 8% discount on furniture, appliance, and electronic ProtectALL plans along with a 5% discount on our Healthy Sleep bedding products (mattress protectors, encasements, pillows, pillow protectors, sheets, and blankets). In addition, members will receive a dedicated client specialist that will provide assistance, training, and point of purchase materials.

Since 1988, we have been producing products designed to solve sleeping issues. From our HealthySleep line of pillows, sheets, protectors, blankets, and encasements to our ProtectALL line of furniture, appliance, and electronics protection. We have you covered! We help retailers across the US drive revenue, customer loyalty, and brand recognition.

ProtectALL, powered by GBS, has spent the last 33 years perfecting the art of customer care. Our beginning in bedding built the foundation for creating the best-in-class top-of-bed products focused on health. We found that sleep deprivation reduces performance, concentration, cognitive abilities, and increases the risk of illness. Therefore, after several years of research and development, we created the perfect textiles built with the technology needed to increase the overall sleep cycle. From reducing aches, pains, and night sweats to just creating that pillow for perfectly aligning your spine, we found our products being endorsed by chiropractors and military veterans across the US which laid the foundation to our top-of-bed branding, “Healthy Sleep”.

Using that same philosophy, we expanded into furniture protection lines carrying the customer care mentality over to the protection plan world. The transition was natural. We built another great product for customers wanting to protect not only their sleep but their product purchases. As category lines diversify with our top retail chains, we found the need to increase our product protection which has led us to now offering coverage on appliances, electronics, and much more. The new branding of GBS under ProtectALL says exactly what our future holds: “Healthy Sleep” plus “Peace of Mind” equals “ProtectALL”.


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