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Tools2Win is an automated data analytics software solution that includes merchandising, inventory, marketing, and sales tools. It automatically pulls data out of a retailer’s Point-of-Sale system and delivers actionable information to their email daily. This platform allows retailers to simplify processes for making business decisions based on DATA which is the key to winning at retail.

Tools2Win is a suite of software tools that turn point-of-sale data into actionable information for the home furnishings industry. Tools2Win’s 100% automated software solution delivers tools to a retailer’s inbox daily. The output of the tools is in a simple, easy-to-read, and visual format allowing retailers to quickly understand the data and identify business opportunities. As a result, Tools2Win clients spend less time collecting data and more time implementing improvements. Tools2Win clients realize significant improvements with increased margins, reduced inventory, and reduced labor costs through automation and decisions based on data. Tools2Win is a key enabler allowing retailers to make smarter, faster, and easier business decisions.

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