HFA Retailer Round Up: Episode 29, The Value of eMarketing Part 4: Interpreting the Analytics

The marketing landscape has shifted! Consumers have less patience. Most of all, they want to receive information that is relevant to their needs and that will ultimately support their purchase decision. In this 4 part series, Michael Bailenson, president and found of BailComm, LLC will focus on how eMarketing is not only still the cornerstone that drives all other internet-related marketing, but email newsletters are actually experiencing a resurgence due to the onslaught of social media, texts and digital ads.

Part 4: Interpreting the Analytics. This is the Fourth podcast in a series of podcasts devoted to the category of enewsletter marketing. Throughout this series, Michael will share the basics of creating, managing and measuring emarketing.

Michael Bailenson introduced the newsletter concept to the home furnishings industry 24 years ago and is the leading provide of eMarketing and social media solutions. http://bailcomm.com/

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