Retailer-2-Retailer Solution Room

What is a Retailer-2-Retailer Solution Room?

HFA’s Retailer-2-Retailer Solution Room is an exclusive member benefit for HFA Retail Members. Every month, members can connect and learn valuable information in a virtual meeting space. It gives members the opportunity to discuss their top challenges and find solutions alongside colleagues in the home furnishings industry.

Only for HFA Retail Members
Retailer-2-Retailer Solution Rooms are a powerful tool only available to HFA retail members. No outside parties, such as vendors or manufacturers, are allowed in so true collaboration can take place. This allows retailers to bounce ideas off each other and come up with solutions they may have never considered before, free from the influence of outside entities.

Learn from other retailers across the country

With access to a wealth of business strategies, ideas, and experiences from retailers like you, it is an invaluable opportunity not only for learning but also for creating meaningful connections with other members in the industry. This virtual member-only space provides furniture retailers everywhere with tools to grow their businesses, enabling them to stay competitive in the ever-changing landscape of home furnishing retail.
Want to Participate?

It looks like you are not logged in as an HFA retail member. Retailer-2-Retailer Solution Rooms are only available to retail members.