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Come see what’s new and trending for 2023 at Southern California’s only Furniture & Accessory event! Don’t miss the Southern California Furniture & Accessory Market, in Long Beach, California, easily accessible from throughout the region.


About MAC Expos

MAC Expos is a professional producer of business-to-business trade shows operating throughout the United States.

With more than 30 years of experience and producing over 350 quality events – MAC Expos ownership and staff strive to deliver top-notch events for both attendees and exhibitors alike. MAC Expos’ current line-up of trade shows includes four events within the Home Furnishings Industry and one event in the Landscape, Nursery & Hardscape Industries.

HFA @ Las Vegas Market

The Home Furnishings Association’s Resource Center is located in showroom B1050. Visit exhibitors who are retail experts ready to help grow your business with advice and market specials on products and services. Network with peers over coffee and food, and enjoy a variety of seminars that cover the most important aspects of being a competitive retailer in today’s market.

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Retailer of the Year

What is Retailer of the Year?
Presented by the Home Furnishings Association, Retailer of the Year is an annual recognition award for the home furnishings industry’s highest achievers. Nominated by the industry and judged by a panel of industry leaders, industry media, retired professionals, and past winners, Retailer of the Year honors winners in several distinct categories: Retailer of the Year, Trailblazer, Emerging Star, and Partner of the Year.

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