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Katapult is the leading omnichannel point-of-sale payment platform providing solutions for retailers and consumers. Our cutting-edge technology integrates seamlessly with online platforms, enabling our merchant partners to expand their customer base, increase transactions, and grow revenue.

More than $1.5 Trillion a year is spent on large retail purchases. Of those, nearly half of store finance applications are declined and only 15% of the customer transactions are made with financing options. Think of the difference it would make to your business if you had a payment option for customers that could approve declined prime applications?

Katapult’s offering allows consumers who do not qualify for traditional financing the ability to pay for the products they need. Unlike other solutions in our space, we are optimized for eCommerce business. Katapult offers a user-friendly checkout experience with three easy application screens, and only 14 required customer information fields, making the checkout process simple and fast with approvals in less than 5 seconds. We pride ourselves on the transparency of our agreements and provide award-winning customer service and 24/7 live chat support.

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