Consumer Behavior: Insights for Retail Success

2023 11 May
12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern

Consumer Behavior: Insights for Retail Success

In today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape, understanding consumer behaviors is crucial for success. With the rise of online shopping, changing economic conditions, and shifting cultural attitudes, retailers must adapt to stay relevant. But how can retailers crack the code and truly understand what drives their customers’ decision-making processes?

In this webinar, our expert panel will provide an in-depth look at how consumer behavior is rapidly changing in retail. We’ll explore key insights into customer needs, build trust with consumers, and develop engaging experiences that cater to their wants and desires. Our panel will also share practical strategies for creating personalized marketing campaigns as well as innovative in-store experiences that are designed to maximize growth potential. Gain valuable knowledge about cutting-edge strategies for cracking the code on understanding consumer behavior today! 


This Webinar Will Cover:

  • How much has changed in consumer behavior and expectations since the end of the pandemic.
  • How can you capitalize on the customer opportunities that come into your store.
  • How to differentiate your store in 2023 in the eyes of the consumer.
  • How the role of the sales associate in the customer experience and what they can do to accelerate the buying process and close the sale.
  • What experiences are important to the millennial customer and will influence buying decisions.
  • What are the top 5 things consumers look for when selecting a retailer to buy from.
  • How do the different generations differ in what they are looking for in a customer experience.

Our Panel of Experts:

Ronda Slaven – Market Insights Leader, Synchrony

Ronda Slaven is a Market Research & Consumer Insights professional with over 24 years of experience leading strategic research initiatives across a variety of industries such as financial service, consumer packaged goods, and retail.

Ronda is currently the Market Insights Leader at Synchrony Financial where she manages a team focused on business, consumer, and competitor insights as well as macro-trends.  In 2014, Ronda aided Synchrony Financial through its’ separation from General Electric; helping guide the build of a new brand position in the market through research and insights. 

Prior to Synchrony, Ronda held various research leadership roles at Heinz North America, and Alliance Data Systems and spent 5 years on the supplier side managing a focus group facility in Columbus, OH. 

In addition to her research expertise, Ronda considers herself a strong consumer advocate, always looking for opportunities to bring the voice of the customer to the forefront of business.

Chris Wallace – Co-Founder & President, InnerView Group

Chris is a marketing and customer experience strategist. His expertise centers on how organizations can improve alignment between their market strategies and their frontline channels (Sales, customer service, etc.). As President of InnerView, Chris and his team have developed the breakthrough In Front platform, which applies market research processes to collect and analyze customer needs and company value proposition ultimately measuring customer experience.