Employee Engagement Boosts Morale and Productivity

2023 22 June
12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern

Employee Engagement Boosts Morale and Productivity

This webinar will explore proven strategies for creating motivated and loyal employees. We will discuss how to create an environment where employees feel valued, appreciated, and motivated to contribute to the organization’s success. We will also cover the latest trends in employee engagement, including the use of technology, flexible work arrangements, and recognition programs.

Whether you are a business owner, manager, or HR professional, this webinar will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips for creating a productive and motivated workforce.

This Webinar Will Show You:

  • How to set expectations and derive accountability metrics to view employees that are engaged
  • The steps you may take to develop an employee engagement process
  • The best way(s) to support employees that helps them to be successful and productive
  • How to create trust within your teams
  • The best ways to acknowledge and celebrate employee wins and successes
  • How to keep employees positive and boost morale in slow sales periods and tough economic times
  • How to create a system for employee growth that leads to retention

Our Panel of Experts:

Rene Johnston – Owner, Employee Engagement Solutions
Rene’ Johnston is the owner and founder of Employee Engagement Solutions. Her organization specializes in improving culture, retention, and profitability by building more engaged teams. Rene’ spends much of her time working with organizations across the United States. She is an author and speaker whose work can be found in various print and online publications. She formerly served as an adjunct faculty member for the Lewis-Clark State College Business Division and is now a member of the Gonzaga School of Business Administration Dean’s Business Forum Board. Rene’ was selected as a TEDx speaker and holds a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and Human Resource Development. Rene´ began her career in Interior Design and later worked as VP of Training Development for the Profitability Consulting Group, an industry consulting firm, for over 10 years. 

Suzy Brummel – Sale Recruiter, Crowley Furniture & Mattress
Suzy has been with Crowley Furniture & Mattress for over 14 years and is the current Sales Recruiter and Sales Systems Manager where she leads the sales recruiting, hiring, and new hire training processes.  Crowley Furniture & Mattress is a Top 100 and third-generation furniture retailer with 4 locations in the Kansas City area. 

Sarah Luther – Director of Talent and Employee Experience, Hometrends, LLC
Sarah is the Director of Talent and Employee Experience with Homestrends LLC. In her role, she focuses on creating opportunities for employees to reach their greatest potential through motivating work tasks, innovative learning experiences, and building meaningful relationships within the organization. Hometrends LLC owns and operates Ashley Furniture HomeStores in Kearney, Grand Island, and North Platte, Nebraska as well as a Retail and E-commerce.