Mistakes Furniture Retailers Can’t Afford To Make In 2020

2020 08 January
11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern

Mistakes Furniture Retailers Can’t Afford To Make In 2020

For more than 40 years, Jerry’s research in the furnishings and mattress industries has been recognized around the world for the in-depth understanding it provides about suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

Jerry Epperson loves visiting furniture stores, even though he doesn’t always like what he sees. After more than 40 years analyzing every aspect of the furniture industry, he knows what sells and what doesn’t. And, no matter where he goes, he always learns something.

In most of his talks, Jerry addresses big issues like industry trends, tariffs, supply chains and leading economic indicators for the furniture trade. This time, he’s going small. He’ll share observations and impressions from all those visits to retail furniture stores – and not necessarily the favorable ones. In fact, we asked him to mention 10 of the worst mistakes he’s noticed on showroom floors or behind the scenes.

His response: “Only 10? You really see some incredibly stupid things.”

We’re sure he’ll be gentle and offer only constructive criticism. So, don’t be afraid to watch. Be afraid not to watch. Because, if you don’t, he might end up talking about your store next year!

A noted writer and speaker, Jerry has shared his knowledge not only in this country but in Europe and around the Pacific Rim. At High Point markets, he leads well-attended seminars in the HFA’s Resource Center, entertaining and informing furniture retailers. Jerry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the College of William & Mary. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

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