More Traffic & Sales With Digital Advertising Campaigns

2021 10 June
12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern

More Traffic & Sales With Digital Advertising Campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns can drive traffic to your website or store, but they can take time to see results. A paid marketing strategy can be an effective tool to get faster results while building your reputation and engaging with customers online. In this webinar, experts will discuss how to effectively take advantage of paid digital advertising strategies to drive more sales, measure your approach’s success, and help you consider what the appropriate budget should be for your business.

The guests joining HFA CEO Mark Schumacher on this webinar were Kari Fletcher, Director of Marketing, Baer’s Furniture; Ed Camargo, Managing Director, Incubeta; and Erin Martin, VP of Marketing, Netsertive.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Your customer data is your lowest hanging fruit. Build your (customer) data before you begin planning your digital marketing, so you know what channels to invest in to meet your customers where they are.
  • Determine who your ideal customer is and then go to each channel and see if “your” customer is thriving there. Understand how they consume media.
  • Know where your customer is in the marketing funnel by observing their keyword search intent (what they are searching for and how specific their keyword search is)
  • Tailor the message to where they are in the marketing funnel. If she’s at the top create branding messages, if she’s at the bottom get he in the store to buy.
  • Be your own customer to audit the customer journey you are providing.
  • Tailor your digital assets to the medium/channel and don’t use the same asset everywhere.
  • Instagram and Facebook advertising provides branding that triggers action through emotional branding.
  • Make sure you have enough budget to cover the time frame of the campaign.
  • Analyze your return-on-investment channel by channel. Acknowledge that ROI will be different for each stage of the marketing funnel.
  • Being nimble enough to adjust your digital marketing responsively to meet your consumers’ needs.
  • TRENDS TO WATCH: Dynamic product optimization, Over-The-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) video advertising.


Kari Fletcher – Director of Marketing, Baer’s Furniture

Kari has over 20+ years of marketing experience working with brands like Bloomingdale’s, Ashley Furniture HomeStores, and Design Within Reach. She is currently the Director of Marketing for Top 100 Retailer Baer’s Furniture and formulating Baers digital marketing strategy. Kari also serves on the Advisory Board at the University of South Florida in their Digital Marketing Certificate Program.

Ed Camargo – Managing Director, Incubeta

Ed has more than 23 years of experience in digital media. He’s spent his career working on well-known brand names such as Nike, Amazon, and Chase Manhattan Bank. Before joining Incubeta, Ed worked as VP of Digital Paid Media at ForwardPMX, where he was responsible for the strategic vision and operations of the SEM, Display, and Social Media departments.

Erin Martin –  VP of Marketing, Netsertive

As VP of Marketing, Erin is responsible for leading Netsertive’s demand generation and communications functions and holds over sixteen years of experience in the marketing technology space. Before Netsertive, she served in various leadership roles at Mixpo, an ad tech company acquired by Netsertive in 2017, which spanned marketing, client services, and operations.

Her happy place is where marketing and operations collide, and she is passionate about creating systems that put the right people, processes, and technology together to do extraordinary things. She applies the same type of analytical thinking to her personal life and enjoys finding areas where work and life principles coincide. Erin is an active outdoorist, mother of two, and host of the new Podcast, The Multi-Location Marketing Leader.