Sales Management Strategies

2022 24 March
12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern

Sales Management Strategies

Successful retailers implement an effective sales management strategy. The key is keeping your team highly motivated and working towards common goals to ensure your success. But it’s not always easy to know the best ways to achieve that.

We have assembled a panel of sales management experts from retail furniture stores who have led their teams to success. They will share their experience and insights on developing an effective sales process, setting goals and expectations, coaching your team members effectively, and motivating them to achieve higher results.



  • COVID forced a streamlined process for recruiting utilizing technology to get better-qualified leads.
  • It is important to have the right balance of experience and skills, but make sure experienced candidates don’t bring bad habits. Your training program should be able to sus this out.
  • Things like a teambuilding exercise, recognition events/recognition social posts, staff dinners, etc., can often help with demotivation issues. Determine if the team is feeling disconnected from each other or the company and tailor your solution accordingly.
  • Engage sales managers to be company-focused and not just store-focused by establishing a company culture and how the values are shared company-wide.
  • Long-term sales team members offer stability, which provides an opportunity for them to mentor newer team members.
  • Allowing salespeople to utilize coupons to give away to customers, giving them leads, incentivizing customer engagement could help improve sales.
  • Fostering comradery on the sales floor could head off any conflict on a commissioned floor. It also is smart to create a conflict resolution plan that everyone can understand.
  • Train salespeople on a consistent method for how they should talk about add-on items, how to handle objections, and handle the process all the way through the sale.
  • Celebrating when sales associates add rugs, lamps, art, etc., helps maximize the sale.
  • There are daily opportunities to coach your team collectively or individually. Set goals monthly and then check in mid-month and help motivate success.
  • Getting your staff to buy into change requires explaining the “why” the change is being made and giving recognition if the change was made due to staff recommendations.
  • Dealing with salespeople issues requires understanding what is causing the problem.



Cary Layton Director of Retail Operations, Furniture Enterprises of Alaska
Furniture Enterprises of Alaska features Sadlers, Williams & Kay, Ashley, The Ultimate Mattress Store, La-Z-Boy, and Mattress Firm.

Gary Fisher Vice President of Sales, Circle Furniture
Circle Furniture has been around for almost 70 years, growing to 6 locations across Massachusetts.

Eric Poupard Regional Manager, Hudson’s Furniture
Hudson’s Furniture in Orlando, FL is a Top-100 luxury furniture store with over 17 Florida-based locations.