SEO Strategies to Get More Traffic

2022 25 August
12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern

SEO Strategies to Get More Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a sure way to attract customers to your website – if you use it right. Our experts will reveal SEO best practices and strategies to make it easier for search engines to crawl, index, and understand your content so that you can rank higher in search engine results pages. Ranking high in search results will drive more traffic to your website, increase your brand’s exposure to a larger audience, and, combined with the other valuable marketing and sales information you’ve learned from HFA webinars, drive more revenue.



  • SEO should be on your operations maintenance budget and not in your marketing budget. It is ongoing, and you should treat your website like your building.
  • Treat your Google my Business profile as a social site. Include as much data, pictures, and information as possible. This will help you in the attraction of local traffic.
  • Your site should combine pictures/videos and content (text).
  • Your metadata should be as factual and informative as possible. Not quirky and fluffy.
  • Google Analytics is your bible to determine how your SEO campaigns are working.
  • To know if your SEO is working, analyze traffic after 3-6 months to get a benchmark.
  • SEM Rush and Screaming Frog are tools to audit your site and see your keyword rankings.
  • Make sure the links you have on your site are high quality and that are seen as authoritative.
  • Determine how your website’s pages are scoring and clean it up.
  • If some links are not helping you, get rid of them (URLs should score 50 or higher to be on your site)
  • If you updated your site, you can ask google to re-index your site.
  • The ROI formula for SEO: SEO ROI = (value of organic conversions – cost of SEO investments)/cost of SEO investments. In other words, you need to divide the SEO profit by the associated SEO costs.



Richard Harris VP of Digital Happiness, Orbit Interactive
Richard is a former Google Employee, Digital Director for COX, FOX, and CBS Media companies. Professor at the University of Florida and the University of South Florida teaching Stats and Data Science in Marketing. He is now Vice President of Digital Happiness for Orbit Interactive.
Orbit Interactive is a full-service advertising agency with over 15 years of digital experience and 180+ products. With over 15,000 digital campaigns launched, they know how to drive business and successfully reach consumers where they are.

Kari Fletcher Director of Marketing, Baer’s Furniture
Kari has over 20+ years of marketing experience working with brands like Bloomingdale’s, Ashley Furniture HomeStores, and Design Within Reach. She is currently the Director of Marketing for Top 100 Retailer Baer’s Furniture and formulating Baer’s digital marketing strategy. Kari also serves on the Advisory Board at the University of South Florida in their Digital Marketing Certificate Program.