Adapting To Modern Buying Habits: Strategies For Your Furniture Retail Sales Process

2021 27 May
12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern

Adapting To Modern Buying Habits: Strategies For Your Furniture Retail Sales Process


The customer journey is rapidly changing, and the way you sell should too. Today, more than 70% of initial interactions between customers and businesses happen outside of brick-and-mortar locations – meaning that the selling process has become even more nonlinear. Well discuss how the sales process has changed, what you should be training on, and what it may evolve into in years to come. 

The guest for this webinar is Craig McAndrews, Professor of Practice, Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. 


Key Takeaways from this webinar!

  • Sales process: The sales process hasn’t changed, but the methods salespeople are using are changing.
  • eCommerce is more prevalent: The first 90 days of the pandemic accelerated online shopping to a level that should have taken 10 years to reach.
  • Meet customers where they are: “Purchase certainty” is very high. Customers are about 60% through the buying process and know what they want when they go into the store. So, ask customers what they are most interested in or if they’ve already done product research.
  • Technology as a sales tactic:g., scanning QR codes to see product videos.
  • Build relationships through personal connection: Personalize website chats and emails with customers and be personable by adding levity. It helps in relationship-building when visual cues are not seen.
  • Response time: Customers expect online response time to be quick.
  • Engage quickly: Your eCommerce site should be interesting and engaging with short content because consumer attention spans have become shorter.
  • eCommerce helps the buying process: As an integrated strategy, a salesperson can use the website in-store as a tool to facilitate the sale.
  • Adaptive skills: Foster an environment of critical thinking and stimulate an environment of creativity.
  • Ask coaching vs. tell coaching: Train salespeople to ASK customers what they want their desired outcome to be instead of TELLING them what to do and how to do it.
  • Fewer is better: When coaching your sales team, focus on one issue at a time rather than trying to address them all at once.
  • Closing online sales: Make buying online easy and straightforward to complete the transaction. Your site must be an intuitive and pain-free user experience.
  • Technology: Artificial intelligence technology is helping to evolve the customer-centric sales process. Content building technology will enhance your reach through social media, build your authority, and lead customers to your site.
  • Sales role: Salespeople will evolve from “seller” to “expert advisor” to guide the sale through product authority.


 Craig McAndrews – Professor of Practice, Bauer College of Business at University of Houston 

Craig teaches courses as part of the Sales Excellence Institute, including Advanced Professional Selling and Digital Sales. Craig was recently recognized with the Wayne and Kathryn Payne Award for teaching excellence. Before joining the University of Houston, he was at Mattress Firm, where he served in various sales and leadership roles, including Chief Learning Officer and Chief Merchandising Officer. In addition to teaching, Craig also operates CMAC Advisory Groupa consulting and executive coaching firm.