Supply Chain Issues: Expert Strategies For Planning 2021

2020 22 October
12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern

Supply Chain Issues: Expert Strategies For Planning 2021

Spotty inventory. Delayed POs. Frustrated customers. We don’t need to tell you the pandemic has made a mess of your supply chain. The more you understand our industry’s supply chain challenges, the better you can plan for 2021. Join HFA Live’s “Supply chain woes: planning for the best and worst scenarios” webinar to learn strategies from industry experts Riaz Husein and Garrett Bowman. Husein, a former furniture retailer, is CEO of supply chain consultant Profit Chain, and Bowman is president of Gulfstream Shippers Association, which helps furniture retailers secure and maintain competitive rates with ocean carriers. They’ll chat with HFA CEO Mark Schumacher and help retailers understand the new supply chain world we live in, including:

  • How to plan for best- and worst-case scenarios over the next six months.
  • How retailers of all sizes can get the attention of manufacturers.
  • How to quickly scale your operations up or down.

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