Training Quality Salespeople

2018 28 March
11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern

Training Quality Salespeople

The purpose of this webinar is to teach the five criteria for training and the strategies and techniques necessary to be successful in this critical area of business success. In addition, Mr. Huisken discusses the various ways that salespeople can be trained in including books, CD’s DVD’s Training APP’s etc. Owners and salespeople need to understand that they are in the business of training for the rest of their professional lives. There is no such thing as a permanent staff. The success or failure of a company has a direct relationship to the quality of their people. Often, the only thing that sets one business apart from another is the people who work there. Having a fully trained and effective staff will guarantee the success of the owner, sales manager, and the company.

Brad Huisken has been in sales since 1971. Since that time he has been directly involved in all aspects of Sales and Sales Management. His experience and knowledge have enabled him to author the highly acclaimed books I’m a Salesman! Not a Ph.D., Munchies For Salespeople! Selling Tips You Can Sink Your Teeth Into and his new book Munchies For Salespeople II! More Selling Tips You Can Sink Your Teeth Into . In addition he has developed the PMSA Relationship Selling Program, the Train The Sales Trainer Course, the Professional Sales Management Course, The Mystery Shoppers Kit, The Weekly Sales Meeting Training Series, The Salesperson’s & Sales Manager’s Aptitude Test for new hires and The Salesperson’s & Sales Manager’s Proficiency Exam for existing professionals the Employee Handbook and Policy & Procedures Manual , The Weekly Sales Training Series, and his new Train The Sales Trainer Course for owners and sales managers which is also now available as a web based training program.

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