Maximize Customer Interactions: Creating an Omnichannel Strategy for Your Furniture Store

2021 24 June
12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern

Maximize Customer Interactions: Creating an Omnichannel Strategy for Your Furniture Store

Consumers are now shopping across channels, often starting with an online search and then transitioning to offline purchases or vice versa. To stay competitive, you need to provide a seamless, personalized, and consistent customer experience where your customers can engage with you on any channel they choose.

Our webinar will provide insight into mapping the customer journey to understand how consumers interact with your business. Learn what tools are available for creating an omni-channel strategy and maximizing engagement through personalization.


The guests for this webinar were Dustin Behr, Director of Digital Marketing for HOM Furniture, and Laura Khoury, Owner of Shoptelligence.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Omni channel (3rd party sites, email, website, in-store) is how the customer looks at you as a brand and how they interact with you for a seamless experience. Make the experience engaging.
  • Personalization of your channel messaging is important and can be done through integration platforms
  • Leverage customer data to understand customer profiles and needs
  • Shoppers need to be able to suspend and resume interactions for a seamless experience (shopping carts, financial applications, etc.). Start online and go in-store or go in-store and purchase online. Allow the customer to start in one channel and finish in another channel so their experience is not disrupted or lost.
  • Shopper regardless of what channel, want personal assistance, eCommerce, phone, chat and in-store
  • You should train salespeople to have digital ups as well as waiting for door swings
  • Sales team should not only rely on people coming in the store, but mine for customers in social channels. Empower sales associates to build their own sales leads using social media.
  • Start with mapping your customer journey and where are they shopping online to tie together who they are with each point of contact
  • Train sales team to use your Ecommerce site as a tool to help the sales associate, not replace them.
  • In local markets, Geo-fencing helps boost marketing ROI
  • 4 KPIs to measure: 1) how many visitors 2) driving conversion 3) max value of ticket 4) repeat customer visits
  • Adjust your targeted marketing based on data collected about your customers (e.g. if they already bought a sofa from you, stop marketing sofas to them, but rather accessories to go with it)


Dustin Behr – Director of Digital Marketing, HOM Furniture

Dustin Behr is the Director of Digital Marketing at HOM Furniture. He has over 16 years of experience in the furniture industry. He spent the last ten years focussing on identifying and developing technology to engage consumers in the digital shopping experience to drive eCommerce and in-store sales.

Laura Khoury – Owner, Shoptelligence

Laura is a seasoned intrapreneur, having established several profit-generating organizations inside Fortune 500 companies, from concept through operations. In 2015, Laura founded Shoptelligence, a style discovery platform that uses proprietary AI models to translate basic product data into an interactive, style-based experience for shoppers in any channel. Home furnishings and apparel retailers leverage Shoptelligence to increase shopper engagement and average order value, reaping measurable benefits while delighting shoppers.