Happy Family Couple Watching Movers Unload Furniture From Truck
How Technology Can Drive Efficiency in Home Furnishings Delivery

Getting a sofa from the point of sale to a customer’s living room smoothly — and profitably — isn’t always easy. Retailers and third-party logistics companies need a solid operational foundation to support their delivery teams in meeting customers’ expectations and company goals. The right technology can reduce operational friction

Businessman offering cargo delivery truck on silver tray
Diakon Logistics
White Glove Delivery: An Elevated Customer Experience for Retailers

In modern commerce, where convenience and customer satisfaction reign supreme, the concept of delivery has evolved beyond getting your purchase from point A to point B—it’s about creating a seamless and personalized experience that leaves a lasting impression. Enter white glove delivery. While this industry-specific term has become common to

Warehouse worker attaching label onto box being shipped.
Potential 2023 UPS Strike Could Impact Retailers

Prepare for Shipping Disruptions In today’s interconnected business landscape, small businesses heavily rely on efficient and reliable shipping services to maintain their supply chains and meet customer demands. With the potential 2023 UPS strike looming, you must understand the implications and take proactive measures to safeguard your operations. In this

Computer screen displaying a 4.5 customer Review.
Increase Positive Customer Reviews & Sales Opportunities

Changing patterns of consumer behavior means furniture retailers now, more than ever, need to focus on engaging more deeply with their customers to build loyalty, drive in-store and online traffic, and uncover a steady flow of sales and marketing opportunities. New research by Package AI investigates the role of engagement

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