Potential 2023 UPS Strike Could Impact Retailers

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Prepare for Shipping Disruptions

In today’s interconnected business landscape, small businesses heavily rely on efficient and reliable shipping services to maintain their supply chains and meet customer demands. With the potential 2023 UPS strike looming, you must understand the implications and take proactive measures to safeguard your operations. In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of the potential UPS strike, why you should care, and provide actionable steps to protect your supply chains during this uncertain period.

Understanding the UPS Strike

Negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters, the union representing UPS employees, are ongoing and have reached a critical point. Small businesses must be prepared for such a scenario when it is uncertain whether a strike will occur. The Teamsters and UPS have until August 1 to reach an agreement. The impact of a 2023 UPS strike can be significant, disrupting supply chains and causing delivery delays, which can have far-reaching consequences for businesses of all sizes.

Implications for Small Businesses

Disrupted Operations: Small businesses heavily reliant on UPS services may face disruptions in their day-to-day operations, such as delays in receiving inventory, shipping products to customers, and meeting delivery deadlines. This can lead to dissatisfied customers, decreased revenue, and potential damage to the brand’s reputation.

Increased Costs: In the event of a 2023 UPS strike, small businesses might be forced to seek alternative shipping solutions, which could come at a higher price. Exploring other shipping carrier options and securing competitive pricing now will be a necessary lifeline.

Supply Chain Bottlenecks: A UPS strike can cause a ripple effect throughout the supply chain. Suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors relying on UPS may experience delays in receiving raw materials or components, leading to production slowdowns and potential stock shortages. Small businesses must proactively address these bottlenecks to mitigate the impact on their operations.

While we remain hopeful for a peaceful resolution through negotiations, it is crucial to be prepared for potential disruptions to your shipping operations. To minimize the impact on your business, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Plan for inventory needs. Evaluate your stock levels, anticipate demand, and ensure you have sufficient inventory to sustain your business during a potential strike period.


  1. Open a FedEx Account if you don’t currently have one. Having an alternative shipping provider, such as FedEx, will offer you additional options and flexibility during this uncertain period.


  1. Take advantage of FedEx discounts available to HFA members. As a valued HFA member, you can save 45% on FedEx Express and 25% on FedEx Ground. Enroll today to access these exclusive discounts.

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