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AVB Marketing is a not-for-profit, member-owned full service agency delivering custom marketing solutions to America’s small business owners. Their team of over 150 digital savvy furniture experts are highly adept in providing best in class e-commerce websites, highly targeted digital marketing campaigns, out-of-the-box social media plans, thoughtful design, skilled merchandising strategy and so much more. A seamless omni-channel experience is key to the buyer journey, and the AVB Marketing team engages consumers at every touchpoint to drive traffic from online to offline. Normally to work with AVB Marketing resources you have to join as a member, and pay ongoing membership dues. As an HFA member you have exclusive access to this agency that only works with members, there is no new organization to join!

Let’s get this straight, you have how many different vendors for your marketing strategy? The team at avb marketing will ensure you never have to work with multiple vendors to execute a seamless marketing campaign ever again. From powerful, fully-ecommerce websites and thoughtful designs, to carefully strategized Google Ad campaigns and punchy social media plans, the team works with you to customize and execute. Do you already use and love services like Podium or PERQ? Our forward-thinking website solution integrates with almost any technology you’re already using. There’s no copy-paste mentality here. You can be sure we’re building a totally custom strategy unique to your needs, not the guy across town. From click to brick, AVB Marketing has your back.


AVB Marketing’s Furniture Technology Source is a turnkey platform of retail solutions that is specifically geared towards furniture retail.

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