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Brilliant® by Dovr Media rocks at digital sales for furniture retailers. We’re the best provider of selling more furniture across North America, Europe, and Africa and work with all sized furniture retailers to improve their operating efficiency and automate sales. Offering World Class American Made Websites, The Most Innovative Digital Advertising & SEM, and Online Plugin Technology to SuperCharge your Current Website, find out why we are the one stop digital service provider to hundreds of furniture retailers across the world.

Your Online Store is Your New Flagship Store. With more visitors than any of your physical stores, your website and digital ads are the #1 driver of eyeballs to your store making the online shopping experience the most profitable way to grow your business. Brilliant® by Dovr Media does this by building you a World Class Website, offering Innovating Advertising, and providing FREE Digital Sales Training on all of our offers to give you a winning shot at competing with the WayFair’s and Amazon’s of the world.

Brilliant® by Dovr Media offers World Class Websites that include more built in than any other digital furniture provider with over 50+ features available for FREE! Everything we do is offered with zero contract and month-to-month pricing for the most flexible, feature offering, revenue driving way to provide any retailer the tools to win in a world where E-Commerce is the fastest growing vertical in Furniture.

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