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Established in 1929, FIDELITONE is a supply chain services provider. One of FIDELITONE’s core service offerings is last-mile delivery to the home or business.  For over 40 years, FIDELTONE has been providing furniture delivery to retailers and manufacturers throughout the U.S. with service levels ranging from white glove to curbside.

FIDELITONE provides last-mile delivery services to the home or business.  We specialize in the furniture product category and provide service levels ranging from white glove (with a full inspection, prep, and blanket wrap) to curbside in the box delivery.  Our delivery network consists of multi-client locations and dedicated locations (we deliver from your dock) located throughout the U.S. Whether product arrives at our delivery hubs allocated to an order, or we forward stock unsold inventory, our network and operations can support it. We can also handle the delivery schedule with your customers through our customer experience team or our self-scheduling technology that puts your customers in control. Our last-mile technology orchestrates the entire delivery journey and provides you with real-time visibility throughout.  Delivery site pictures, ePOD’s, status updates, and delivery notes are all available via our web-based Partner Portal and delivered in real-time.

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