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HFA members who are new clients for MicroD save 5% on one-time setup and 5% on monthly software licensing fees. Offer cannot be combined with other discounts, such as those offered by buying groups that partner with MicroD.

MicroD is a 25-year leading web technology partner in the home furnishings industry. This suite offers ecommerce website platform, product catalog data, digital marketing services, 2D & 3D visualization technology, interactive product visualization, electronic data interchange (EDI), and customer engagement solutions. The complete suite of solutions offers both manufacturer brands and retailers the opportunity to grow their home furnishings business with an omnichannel approach.

Powerful solutions and strategies to increase your revenue without sacrificing profits. Discover why MicroD has the largest ecosystem of retailers and manufacturers in home furnishings industry on the best-in-class website and technology platform.

MicroD services provide retailers in the home furnishings industry with all of the tools to dominate the online marketplace. From eCommerce websites driven by MicroD and the vendors you sell to traffic-generating local digital marketing solutions to drive growth to cost-saving EDI solutions to the advanced 2D and 3D visualization that converts your shoppers into buyers. Our technology and teams are dedicated to supporting your business goals and guiding you to the best strategy to increase profits in a growing market.

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