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Orbit Interactive provides direct access for advertisers to buy digital ads without multiple layers as we have our own DSP (Demand Side Platform) like a mini Google that allows us to advertise across millions of sites and platforms. We provide Streaming TV, Pre-roll, YouTube, Social Media Ads, Geo-fence Technology, and even voice recognition technology that delivers ads based on recent conversations around smart speakers and smartphones. With 180 plus products, if it exists in the digital world, we offer it. Our clients love our transparent dashboard and direct customer service in order to make changes on the same day, which in retail is sometimes very necessary.

When Orbit Interactive started, we fulfilled campaigns for multiple Radio and TV stations as their backend or white label provider. Today, about half of our business is in direct advertisers. We provide product training, review, dashboards, and a personal Account Manager and Ad Operations staff to make sure your business is taken care of.

As an HFA partner, you will get very competitive pricing and find our prices typically half of what most media companies charge. This allows your marketing budget to go further; we also share industry changes and knowledge with our clients allowing you to try the latest in products sometimes for free.

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