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By sponsoring the HFA, you are supporting retailers, their vision, and the overall sustainability of the home furnishings industry.

Helping home furnishing retailers for over 100 years

For over 100 years, the Home Furnishings Association has been the heartbeat of this industry. Comprised of 1,500 home furnishings retailers in North America representing more than 10,000 storefronts, this association was founded by retailers that know they are stronger and better together.

Today, HFA is the leading trade organization that brings retail owners of all sizes together as a community to advocate, educate, and provide resources to thrive. This year has brought many new challenges. Retailers are leaning on the association more than ever as their most trusted and relied-upon resource to navigate difficult problems such as supply chain disruptions, hiring challenges, tariffs, and more.

  • HFA’s COMMUNITY starts with a board of directors from 36 retailers representing small mom-and-pops to Top 100. They guide the direction of the association’s affairs and what is important to them. Through their leadership, smaller sub-communities such as CEO Summit (a large group of Top 100 C- Suite), CxO (the next generation of leaders), and the Government Relations Action Team shape and influence the industry.
  • HFA’s ADVOCACY is the feet on the streets, communicating to local and federal governments on why retailers are essential, what financial support they need, working with Congress on tariffs, laws, and regulations that align with their business interests. When retailers are faced with laws that negatively impact their capital and ability to operate, HFA is their strong voice and advocate.
  • HFA’s RESOURCES are unlike those of any other group. The individual concierge service is based on trust and finding out what is essential to the retailer and supporting them with unbiased direction. When retailers are looking for innovative solutions, POS systems, or a financial service, they have a trusted source that understands them and advises on the next best steps to help them achieve their goals.
  • HFA’s EDUCATION meets retailers right where they are in their journey of becoming best-in-class. Retailers have an opportunity to work with and learn from other retailers on the most critical issues in demand and relevant for them – IN REAL TIME. The thought leadership retailers receive is the leading source of retailer education in the industry.
“At Synchrony, we work hard to help businesses fulfill their ambitions. Sponsoring HFA is one way we can support our partnership while promoting the success of their over 1,500 members.”
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How you can help.

HFA is a nonprofit built FOR retailers, BY retailers, and IS governed by retailers to help make the industry more competitive to the consumer’s dollar, recruiting talent, and the industry’s general health. We couldn’t provide the support that retailers need without generous donations from our sponsors.  

Please consider supporting the Home Furnishings Association, and let’s to make a difference in our industry, together.

Serving furniture retailers is our key purpose. Sponsorship in the Home Furnishings Association helps strengthen our efforts to elevate retail businesses.


Opportunities to get your message to decision-makers within our engaged audience not only help inform how retail stores conduct business, but can shape the nature of your business.


Our members are not only your clients and potential clients, they are also leaders for the future of our industry. Our goal is to put you in front of, and shoulder to shoulder with, those leaders.

Sponsorship unlocks the power to create lasting relationships.

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“My first HFA event I got to sit down and talk with (El Dorado Furniture VP) Jesús Capó. He gave me all the time in the world and offered great advice. HFA is like family. You can’t beat the connections and learning that come with membership.”
“If it weren’t for HFA, I don’t know how I would have managed to get through this year. From when COVID went wild to trying to understand all the government programs, HFA made an enormous difference to me and a lot of other retailers.”
“When the credit card processing company I’d been using raised its fees, I went shopping for a new partner. HFA turned me on to Trekstone. I’m saving more than $800 a month these days. That’s a pretty good return on my membership.”
“The Home Furnishings Association is doing a great job representing the furniture industry, especially retailers, across America. HFA’s consistency, content, and interesting webinars … everything has been done thoughtfully and has helped many retailers rethink their strategy in light of COVID-19.”