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Company Culture Is Your Invisible Metric

The Home Furnishings retail landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, presenting new and exciting challenges. Successful companies harness the power of their organization’s distinct vision, mission, purpose, and values to fortify their identity, inspire their employees, and deliver on their brand promise to their valued customers. Company Culture emerges

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6 Strategies for Improving Employee Retention

Employee retention is a critical challenge for home furnishings retailers. You rely on the skills and knowledge of your employees to provide quality customer service, maintain strong relationships with suppliers, and stay on top of industry trends. However, high turnover rates can disrupt operations, lead to declining customer satisfaction, and

HFA CEO BLOG Embrace your Authenticity
Mark Schumacher
Embrace your authenticity

Embrace your authenticity and do what you do best. On a recent trip to California, I had the opportunity to make a few store visits. While both are top 100 retailers, I learned some clear lessons that adapt to retailers of any size. Let me start by telling you what

HFA BLOG Improve your Company Culture with the 3 Cs of Culture
Improve your Business with the 3 Cs of Company Culture

Most organizations have a clearly defined set of Core Values, a Mission Statement, and a Vision. Your company culture determines how well your daily actions match those ideas. Here are the “three Cs of Culture” and executable ideas to improve your company culture today. Whether your organization could use better

HFA-QCS_How to Make Company Culture Your Competitive Advantage
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Quick Click Solutions: How to Make Company Culture Your Competitive Advantage

Vince Mendez, Senior Vice President of Training & Development for ProtectAll, offers essential things to consider to help your company culture give you the competitive edge you need to compete in the marketplace in this HFA Quick Click Solutions video. CLICK HERE for more leadership and management resources from HFA.

Company culture helps employee retention_IHFRA blog_HFA
Jonathan Schulman
Company culture helps employee retention

I believe it was management consultant Peter Drucker who said that the purpose of a business is to earn a customer. That might have been true back in the American Bandstand era of sock hops and sharing a malted with your best gal, but I contend there are other, albeit

Building a Culture of Accountability and Performance_HFA
Tracy Jackson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, HFA Chief HR Strategist
Building a Culture of Employee Accountability and Performance 

High-performing teams and organizations don’t just happen. It requires the dedicated efforts of leadership to articulate a clear mission, vision, and value statement that resonates with the staff. That message must then be communicated to the teams in a way that allows them to see how their efforts will directly

HFA-QCS 5 Company Culture Lessons That Will Pay Off
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Quick Click Solutions: 5 Company Culture Lessons That Will Pay Off

Strong company culture is one of the best ways not only to attract customers but also for attracting and keeping employees. HFA’s Chief HR Strategist Tracy Jackson shares 5 company culture lessons that will pay off for you in this Quick Click Solution video. CLICK HERE for more HR resources

HFA_Company culture reset can serve customers and your team_Jonathan Schulman
Jonathan Schulman
A company culture reset can serve customers and your team

Oh good, you’re still here. You survived the quarantine and figured out how to keep the business going and serve customers. If what they say about the things that don’t kill us makes us stronger, then I gotta believe we all have a little bit of Tom Cruise in us.

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