November 2018

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Robert Bell
Furniture tip-over problem on rise

Despite the attention furniture manufacturers and retailers have given it, the furniture tip-over problem remains an epidemic in the United States. Someone in the U.S. is injured every 17 minutes by a furniture, television or appliance tip-over, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. After declining for a few years,

Fowhand Furniture group photo
Home Furnishings Association
As promised, Fowhand Furniture reopens

HFA member James Johnson remembers walking through his furniture store, Fowhand Furniture in Panama City, Fla., last month assessing the damage wrought by Hurricane Michael and making a promise to his family and staff. “It was a mess, but we made the decision right there that come hell or high

Mandy Jeffries with Doug Clark
Robert Bell
Colfax Furniture opens a pop-up store for market samples

This time of year, pop-up stores are all the retail rage—provided shoppers are in the market for clothes, electronics and other small items on their holiday list. HFA member Mandy Jeffries is changing the scale of pop-up stores by opening one in Greensboro, N.C., to sell a bigger product: furniture

KC Cafe & Wine Bar
Home Furnishings Association
City Furniture makes its move into Orlando

South Florida-based City Furniture’s much-hyped entry into the Orlando-area market has begun. The company opened the first of three stores in Central Florida earlier this month, an 85,000 square foot showroom in Ocoee, Fla. By the end of 2019 two more furniture and accessories superstores will be up and running

Shopping Furniture in person
Home Furnishings Association
Furniture shoppers will be loyal to brick-and-mortars

Trendy shopping platforms may seem like the future of retail—and in many sectors such as clothes and electronics they are. But when shopping for home furnishings, one recent survey suggests consumers still prefer the old-fashioned way of doing business: by heading down to their brick-and-mortar store. The report, commissioned by

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