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Expert tips to get your SEM campaign on track

Not sure how to tell if your paid advertising is working for you? We have created this guide to help you get started!

We know you are busy running your business.

We also know that most store owners understand they should be running a paid search campaign, but do not understand how to run them. The lack of education almost always results in wasted dollars. Our combined decades of digital marketing experience has helped us narrow down the top 5 things you should be looking at in your SEM campaign. Our guide will help you learn where to start, what questions to ask and a whole lot more!
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A typical furniture retailer works with five digital vendors — such as website, chat, SEO, social media and search engine marketing — or more to funnel customers into their store. Measuring traffic and holding vendors accountable isn’t easy. It requires a huge investment in time to understand which vendors are succeeding and how to adjust your digital strategy. Phelps Digital provides HFA members with the vendor management tools and reports they need for a fraction of the cost, saving retailers time and letting them focus on their store operations.
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