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Government Relations

Advocacy for Retailers

We champion the causes and issues that are important to you as a home furnishings retailer.

HFA seeks to advance policies at the local, state, regional, federal and international levels that will support and spur the advancement of the home furnishings industry. Our policy platform provides legislative research, analysis and education to members and key players in the industry. Policy outreach includes: The G.R.A.T Team; Annual DC Fly-In; Alliances with Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA) and Home Furnishings Representatives Association (IHFRA); strategic member Initiatives; the HFA website; and webinars.

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The benefits of being a member

Whether it is making a phone call to your representative or taking an active role in joining the government relations action team, we’ll be here to help guide you through the process. Most of all, as a valued member you will receive important, timely information tailored to our industry, and furthermore, recommendations on how to respond accordingly.

Finally, you can find out more about the legislation and regulations that impact your bottom line, how you may get involved and how to take immediate action in industry-related government relations.

Government Relations

Home Furnishings Association

Government Relations

Are a critical part of business, but it's not just about the politics.

The association and the Government Relations Action Team (G.R.A.T.) focuses on these important and pertinent issues such as:

  • The Marketplace Fairness Act for sales tax collection
  • Interchange fees on Bankcard processing
  • EPA regulations
  • Department of Transportation regulations
  • Healthcare reform
  • Tax reform, and much more.





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G.R.A.T. Members

  • Bill Simmons
    Managing Principal
    Washington, DC
    Dutko Grayling
  • Eric Blackledge
    Corvallis, OR
    Blackledge Furniture
  • Dru Jeppe
    Reed's Furniture
  • Jim Kittle
    Indianapolis, IN
    Kittle's Furniture
  • Mitchell Stiles
    Vice President of Retail Operations, Credit Underwriting, & AR Management
    Mulberry, FL
    W. S. Badcock Corp
  • Jared Simon
    Vice President
    Franklin, MA
    Simon Furniture
  • Karen Craig
    Manufacturers' Rep
    Houston, TX
  • Chris Andresen
    HFA Washington Lobbyist - Dutko Grayling
  • David Gunn
    Knight Furniture
    Sherman, TX
    Knight Furniture
  • John Pinion
    IHFRA Liaison
    Cedar Park, TX
    IHFRA Liaison
  • Matt Schultz
    Co-CEO and Co-Owner
    Erie, PA
    John V Schultz/Levin Furniture
  • Jacob Shevin
    Member at Large
    Birmingham, AL
    Standard Furniture
  • Joel Haimsohn
    Lawrance Furniture
    San Diego, CA
    Lawrance Contemporary Furniture
  • Lenny Kharitonov
    CEO & President
    New York, NY
    Emma Mason
  • Jesús Capó
    Chief Information Officer
    Opa Locka, FL
    El Dorado Furniture
  • Stan Pickett
    Owner & President
    Mesquite, TX
    Quality Home