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Customer sales at a furniture store. Female client with a sales representative looking to buy a new couch
4 Ways to Maximize Sales Success in Your Furniture Store

Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to figure out how to drive more sales and profitability for your furniture store? As an owner or manager, you likely wear many hats daily, and keeping up with all the tasks needed to run the business successfully can feel impossible. While growing sales

Salesman explaining to woman customer at furniture store
Lorri Kelley
Get Your Customers to Say YES With the Right Qualifying Questions

So, here’s a question, True or False, from YOUR experience and perspective in either  Direct Sales or Managing the Selling Process:   “Successfully executing a selling process CONSISTENTLY is very challenging for me.”   If your answer is TRUE, you are not alone! There are so many sales professionals who struggle to

A hand holding a pencil sketching furniture in a room on a pad.
Lori Friedlander
Mastering the Art of Sketching to Increase Sales

The formula is fairly easy when considering strategies to increase sales in the retail furniture store environment. Sales = Customer Visits x Close Ratio x Average Sale. Increase your close ratio and average sales, and overall sales naturally increase. The easiest way to increase close ratio and average sales is

Writing on a whiteboard Objectives 1,2,3,
Jonathan Schulman
Advantages of Investing in your Sales Training Process

As a manufacturer representative, I’ve had the privilege of speaking to furniture owners nationwide. On one particular visit, there was an enlightening exchange about the sales training process – it became clear that this storeowner needed to understand how best to position their business for success through effective strategy and

Creating Customer Loyalty. A show of multiple people with their thumbs up under a chalkboard with a growth arrow pointing up
How to Leverage Technology to Build Customer Loyalty

In a world before showroom technology, often the efforts spent on customers went out the showroom doors with them. Today, retailers leveraging in-store technology to track customers and build shopping carts generate valuable data. Research shows that with follow-up or targeted marketing, approximately 20% of initially unsold customers can become

Saleswoman helping someone find what they are looking for
Closing the Sale with Furniture Protection Plans

As a sales manager, it is essential to understand the power of furniture protection plans when closing the sale. Knowing how to leverage these plans can be instrumental in getting customers on board, as they offer peace of mind for big purchases and provide additional income for your store. In

Graphic of person holding key next to a big lock
Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Furniture Sales Training

Sales training is essential for any salesperson but is especially important in the furniture industry where the products can be expensive and complex.  Not only do salespeople need to have a deep understanding of the products they are selling, but they also need to be able to effectively communicate the

Young couple paying the cashier for a furniture purchase.
Teach & Leverage Shopper Preferences Sales Skills

The retail furniture industry is a robust and vital sector of the U.S. economy, providing American consumers with a diverse range of products to suit their particular preferences and budgets. Statista said the U.S. furniture market was valued at $229 billion in 2021. According to a 2021 report by Furniture

Digital design with hexagon images. These images include handshake and groups of people
5 Steps to a Successful Sales Training Program

As the furniture industry evolves and competition increases, we must ensure our sales associates and managers are consistently trained to meet customer needs and deliver great experiences every time. We often find that while most retail organizations may want a robust training program, they must figure out where to start.

Man and woman buying making a furniture deal with a salesman and shaking hands.
5 Sales Strategies for Selling More Furniture

Early predictions for retail sales in the coming year will be slower, and customers will be more deliberate in their purchases. But there is good news. A majority of buyers who purchase furniture will be in-store. The first and most obvious reason is that customers want to feel and try

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