Salesperson Mutiny_Jonathan Schulman_HFA
Jonathan Schulman
Salesperson Mutiny: Handling salespeople who hijack your floor

After spending most of the past month doing sales meetings every morning, I’ve been exposed to tons of different kinds of salespeople. I thought that, in this modern age of information and with the benefit of developed high-level management theory, apathy and disengagement would be a thing of the past.

Customers' feet leaving a store
Jonathan Schulman
What are you doing that prevents sales?

Often, talking to staff cannot only let you know what’s working but also what’s not. There might be things that you aren’t even aware of that prevents sales. That’s where perspective comes in. Last week, I had a timely interaction with a fellow soccer dad while waiting for our daughters

The word customer written on a chalk board
Jonathan Schulman
Are you mission-driven or profit-driven?

Customer loyalty. Wouldn’t you love to have all of your customers be loyal? Why? Loyal customers come back more often, spend more money, buy more items, refer their friends, and provide valuable feedback. These are your best customers. When I was working the floor and saw a be back walk

Diverse business leaders standing with arms folded
Home Furnishings Association
Sales leadership improves the bottom line

Great sales begin with proper leadership, and one of the best ways to outperform the competition is with the right sales leadership approach. Recently, HFA’s CEO Mark Schumacher spoke with retail sales management expert Karen Barry from The Friedman Group about how building better sales habits can create a repeatable

Maintenance sign wrench and screwdriver tools.
Cate Gallagher
Digital tools bring sales success in new reality

It seems we are working our way out of the introduction phase of life during a pandemic and entering the phase where we start to adapt. The past few months have brought some sales challenges to light based on how customers want to do business moving forward: digitally. It is

Amazon furniture listed online
Gary Fassak
Are you willing to put Amazon between you and your customers?

From its humble beginnings as a quaint online bookseller, Amazon has become a global colossus. By selling everything from Salad Shooters to servers, and from tiny dollhouses to tiny houses, today’s Amazon accounts for about half of online transactions conducted in the U.S. Clearly, Jeff Bezos has unlocked the secret

Image of cars parked at a car dealership.
Mark Schumacher
Car dealers ‘drive’ sales; you can, too

For any home furnishings retailer, no matter how big or small, you need look no further than your local car dealer to find out how to drive your business (pun intended). The automotive world has seen its share of challenges. Consolidation and new ways to buy started emerging in a

Get those young associates out of the sales basement

The image of a 30-year-old child still living in the basement might trouble many parents who expected their kids to become more productive. Owners of furniture stores should be just as bothered by 30-year-old sales associates who are still learning on the job long after they should be making money

Living Room sofa and end table
Home Furnishings Association
Shoppers’ senses can put them in the mood to buy

An attractive showroom, pleasant background music and, perhaps, the smell of leather can put visitors to your store in the mood to buy. That conclusion comes from a global survey of 10,000 consumers in 10 countries by Walnut Unlimited for Mood Media, an in-store media solutions company. The Mood Media

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