Profit Grows by Taking Care of Customers and Employees
Jonathan Schulman
Profits Grows By Taking Care of Customers and Employees

I don’t know what the heck happened, but the garbage guys forgot to pick up my green can full of lawn clippings and mulchables from our curb on Tuesday. When I called to complain, they apologized and said a truck would be back before 6:00. I was stunned—service from a

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Rewards of Cultivating Potential Sales

Cultivating potential sales could be the difference between financial stability and increasing expenses. That’s why it’s important to have a proper process to build the relationship with opportunities coming in your door. A POTENTIAL SALE is not yet a SALE. Even though she has not bought, she is a shopper

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HFA Sales Academy
Sales is a Great Career

My grandmother had a fantastic career in furniture. She was my mentor and my leader. She had a 30-year career in Sales with Haverty’s Furniture in Florida and taught me everything I knew about sales. My grandmother had a fantastic career in furniture. She retired and moved to Georgia to

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Jonathan Schulman
Selling Means Being Prepared

Did you know that there are 9 Ps of selling? It was October of 2009, and I was at my first High Point Market as a rep, which meant that I had a boss for the first time in almost fifteen years. It was also my very first day as

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Clienteling Enables Sales Teams to Drive Repeat Business

A shift in retail is moving faster than any other trend we have witnessed that customer interest is moving from products to relationships. This shift is great news for retailers if they know how to adapt to their customer wants. Let’s look at a few numbers: These numbers are staggering

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