Capturing sales through social commerce

2022 03 February
12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern

Capturing sales through social commerce

Are you looking to grow your business through social media? Social commerce marketing connects you with customers through social media platforms, engages them in conversation, and captures their business. Discover how to get consumers engaged with your store in their social channels, develop consumer loyalty, utilize social media marketplaces, and create successful campaigns to generate sales!

Now is the time to use social commerce as part of your overall digital strategy, or if you’re already using it but want some tips and tricks on what works and what doesn’t, this webinar covers the bases.

Our expert speakers have years of experience working within the industry and they’ll identify basic social commerce practices, how to engage your audience, how to leverage influencers, and much more!



  • A solid social media presence expands your reach to more customers and establishes a rapport.
  • Facebook and Instagram are the big players retailers can utilize right now, but Tic Toc isn’t far behind in becoming a transactional platform.
  • Once you get to know your audience (based on their engagement) be sure to post items that are relevant to them.
  • Post in-stock, ready to pick up items, and try to take what people are asking for in-store and mirror that online.
  • Your posts should communicate your company culture, community engagement, and look and feel of the store (with product), which could not only attract customers but also your next new hire.
  • The goal is to have your social media be a piece of the customer journey and not expect a social post to immediately generate a sale.
  • Music in your Instagram post is necessary for today’s market.
  • Try to post one to two pieces of content per day (video, product promotion, event, etc.) to stay in your customers’ social feed cycle.
  • Keeping your store current is crucial.
  • Some retailers opt to take a percentage of social media-driven sales to invest back into their social media efforts.
  • Measure the number of views and how much engagement your posts/products get.
  • When customers engage (or ask questions) with you on social media they want a response quickly. It’s a good idea to have a dedicated person handling this lead management role qualifying, cultivating, and getting the sale in-store or online.
  • Pay attention to competitor posts to know how to position your store differently and adjust if needed.



David Enos President, Phelps Digital LLC

David Phelps has been in the digital marketing space for over 10 years and is the president of Phelps Digital, LLC a company that helps local businesses effectively navigate a complex digital landscape from digital provider management to strategy and execution.

Michael Corrales Co-Founder, Unlimited Furniture Group

Michael is a Co-Founder of Unlimited Furniture an innovative and fast-growing furniture retailer. Unlimited Furniture is a market leader among privately held companies that specialize in mid to high-end furniture sales and interior design, using best-in-class technology and social media.

Vanessa Liesen General Manager, Michael Alan Furniture & Design

Vanessa has been a part of the Michael Alan Family since 1998. As General Manager she has become a large part of the marketing and merchandising side of the business. She facilitates ad meetings for which merchandising is a large part when it comes to the social media presence of our product and services.  Michael Alan’s social presence is constantly evolving.