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Business Plan Demand and Supply Marketing Concept
Kevin Staples
Demand Planning Trends for 2024

“We need robust demand planning” is a phrase I hear from almost every client. Demand planning accurately forecasts customer purchases, essential to any business that buys/builds goods. At a basic level, the definition of demand planning and its crucialness to business are self-explanatory. However, successfully implementing demand planning responsive to

Burnout, stress and business woman overworked from too much, work overload and pressure marketing corporate company. Time management, frustrated and tired employee in digital agency office building
Admin User
Nurturing Leadership: A Guide to Preventing Manager Burnout

In today’s retail landscape, where demands are constantly increasing and productivity is key, the role of a manager has become more crucial than ever. Often seen as the backbone of an organization, managers bear the responsibility of driving their teams toward success and ensuring that the business thrives in an

Businessman on blurred background using antivirus to block a cyber attack 3D rendering
Why Does My Furniture Business Need a Cyber Incident Response Plan?

Every business owner would agree that the time to plan your response to a cyberattack is not in the middle of the incident. Research from the University of Georgia shows that a cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds, and 43% of these attacks target small businesses. Despite these data, not even

Business Computer Hacked. Cyber Security Virus Attack
Your Employees Can Be Your Best Defense Against a Retail Cyberattack

A growing threat that has been on the rise and cannot be ignored for home furnishings businesses is the threat of a cyberattack. According to CyberSecurity Magazine, 61% of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have reported at least one cyberattack during the previous year, and 43% of all data breaches

Hand putting money coins stack growing, saving money for purpose concept
Retail Smart Guys
3 Business Tweaks That Bring Significant Retail Cash Flow

Retailers often think the next boost in their business will come from finding the next amazing line of merchandise or discovering a new marketing tool. Sometimes, they believe it will happen because they hire a killer salesperson or hope new businesses will fill vacancies around them, bringing traffic. The problem

increased profits in a graph over time
Ronny Bensimon
Improve Retailer Cash Flow with In-House Financing

Retailers are continuously looking for opportunities to improve their bottom line.  This issue seems to be at the top of virtually every convention, buying group, association, furniture market, or performance group gathering.  Just look at the topics discussed at any of these events; almost all focus on either increasing sales

Man blowing money out of his hands
David McMahon
Analyzing Which Expenses Will Maximize Profitability and Cash Flow

Whatever regional economic situation you find yourself in, there is always an opportunity for improvement. It is important to have your finger on the pulse of your business and look for ways to maximize profitability and cash flow. If sales grow faster than in previous periods, cash flow will grow

close up ceo businesswoman hand point on dashboard screen tablet device for ask and share idea or consulting with businessman
Lori Friedlander
Improve your Merchandising Strategies with Key Merchandising Metrics

As a manager, you know that effectively managing your merchandising strategies is essential to driving home furnishings sales and profits. However, without meaningful metrics for measuring performance, it can be difficult to accurately gauge the success of various merchandising promotions or product lines. That’s why it is critical to use

Stethoscope on charts and graphs spreadsheet paper, Finance, Account, Statistics, Investment, Analytic research data economy and Business company concept.
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The Importance of Understanding Your Retail Financial Health

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of retail, understanding your financial health is not just a recommended practice; it’s a critical necessity for survival and growth. For a furniture retail store, comprehending the intricacies of your financial well-being can make the difference between thriving and fading into obscurity. This blog

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) using Business Intelligence (BI) metrics to measure achievement versus planned target, person touching screen icon, success
Arindam Basu
Retail Operational Success Equals Financial Success

What KPIs Can You Measure to Improve Profitability? Customers are facing tough choices these days when it comes to discretionary spending. It’s not necessarily bad news, however. Retailers now have opportunities to build loyalty and grow market share if they can quickly and efficiently adapt their brick-and-mortar and online business

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