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Maggie Ellison
5 Ways to Demonstrate Your Brand’s Social Responsibility 

Are you aware of your surroundings? In tune with movements, trends, and fads? Understanding of the dynamic shift of generational mindsets? Giving back in big ways? Sharing your commitment to good? Consumers practically demand brands to share a deep compassion for the community they serve. In a world of increasing

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Company Culture Is Your Invisible Metric

The Home Furnishings retail landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, presenting new and exciting challenges. Successful companies harness the power of their organization’s distinct vision, mission, purpose, and values to fortify their identity, inspire their employees, and deliver on their brand promise to their valued customers. Company Culture emerges

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Home Furnishings Association
Stay Competitive by Embracing Employee Diversity

It has been projected that somewhere between the years 2045-2050, the USA will no longer have a majority race. This demographic shift is due to several factors, including birth rates by race, the increase in multi-racial people, immigration patterns, etc. In addition, the expectations and attitudes of consumers and employees

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Learn How to Build an Impactful CSR Program for Your Business

I began building a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program five years ago at Riskified. What began as an opportunity to give back to the communities where our employees live, and work has grown into a robust program recently rebranded as Riskified Cares. This blog will outline the many positive impacts

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Freight Club
The Benefits of Becoming a Sustainable Home Furnishings Business

Did you know: 83% of consumers surveyed agree that a brand’s sustainability is important (IBM Survey, Oct 2020)? Sustainability is a word that has been doing more than just trending – it’s impacting the way we view brands and ourselves.   Sustainability has been a critical growth area for some of the largest

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Home Furnishings Association
Elevating Your Business Beyond Profits with Corporate Social Responsibility

In a world where business success often equates to profits, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a growing trend that challenges traditional business models to do more than make money. CSR is a commitment to operate with a sense of accountability to the community and the environment. By integrating CSR into

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Home Furnishings Association
Employee Engagement: Keeping Seasoned Salespeople Happy

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 3% of the US workforce quits monthly. Voluntary turnover, especially among our salespeople, is at an all-time high. The workforce is shrinking, baby boomer retirements are accelerating, and your employees have more options than they have had in a long time. In

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Home Furnishings Association
Make Your Sales Meetings Engaging

If your sales meetings leave your teams snoozing, it’s time to wake things up. Keep reading for tips on how to make your sales meetings more engaging. From changes in format to interactive activities, we’ve got you covered. Making a few simple tweaks can transform your sales meetings from snooze

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29 Key Statistics Every Retailer Should Know About Customer Experience

In no particular order of importance, we’ve captured below a variety of key statistics (and their sources) that every retail store owner should know. Share these with your management, marketing team, and sales associates as part of training, onboarding, and strategic planning. These data points illustrate retailers’ important role in delivering

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